by MythofRock

Riot V has long been synonymous with the essence of pure heavy metal, carrying forth the torch of their predecessors with unwavering dedication and fervor. With their latest offering, “Mean Streets”, the band reaffirms their status as stalwarts of the genre, delivering a powerhouse album that ignites the senses and satisfies the hunger of the fans for good, old-fashioned heavy/power metal. From the onset of the album, it’s evident that Riot V is on a mission to carry on the spirit of heavy metal with their signature blend of infectious melodies and thunderous riffs. Each one of the twelve tracks of the album pulses with energy and vitality, propelled by a relentless rhythm section that demands headbanging. With soaring vocals that reach for the heavens and razor-sharp guitar work that cuts through the air like a blade, “Mean Streets” is a masterclass in the art of classic metal, which sends the listeners straight to metal heaven! An exceptional musicianship is displayed throughout the album, with each member of Riot V delivering virtuosic performances that demonstrate their technical prowess and musical finesse. The album pays homage to the legacy of Riot while simultaneously carving out its own identity, ensuring that the flame of metal tradition burns ever brighter in the hearts of fans old and new. “Mean Streets” is a hell of a classic metal album! Brimming with awesome metal anthems, this album stands as a rallying cry for metalheads everywhere, beckoning them to join the ranks of the faithful and revel in the power of true heavy/power metal.

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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