Accept is a guarantee for excellent heavy metal. Accept stands for perfect teutonic metal and its new album, “Too Mean to Die”, proves that first-class 80s metal isn’t dead. The German metal institution comes back with a brand new album, which literally kicks ass! Yeah, Wolf Hoffmann and company aren’t just typical in what they are doing – they deliver invincible heavy metal, they don’t leave the throne, they are in charge in the pantheon of classic metal and thrill every metal fan with their 80s metal anthems! “Too Mean to Die” is a heavy metal record that speaks to the heart, a charismatic release, full of stunning compositons, which will make you wanna bang your head … again and again! Accept band members have a certain age, nevertheless, they are still young at heart and beat down a lot of younger bands, which insist that they play heavy metal! Accept sounds so fresh and original, Accept’ s metal music is still the archetype that should be respected and followed. “Zombie Apocalypse”, “Too Mean to Die”, “No One’s Master”, “The Undertaker”, “How Do We Sleep” etc., set the standards for the rest who want to play loud music! If you want to listen to the first, to the best, then choose Accept’s new album, without any hesitatiom. The guitar sound/technique is seminal, the riffs and the melodic hooks will satisfy your metal hunger, all Accept trademarks are here; Of course, Peter Baltes and Udo Dirkschneider aren’ t here, however, there’ s no gap! Especially Mark Tornillo’s sensational performance will take your breath away! To sum up, Accept sixteenth studio album is a shocker, a hell of an album, which will make you smile … permanently! The Germans did it again!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos