Spanish heavy/power metal revelation Lords Of Black are back with their fourth full-length album entitled “Alchemy of Souls Part 1”, released via Frontiers Music Srl. This band jumped from the underground scene to the mainstream audience, when their vocalist (Ronnie Romero) fronted Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. And the rest is history for this band. But let’s focus on this release. “Dying To Live” is the appetizer for this album and will grab your attention, thanks to the riffs that Tony Hernando delivers so well, that are so powerful, specially on the solo, a super enigmatic one. This song will dive you into a double bass drum beat. We can see a great partnership between Ronnie and Tony, concerning the lyrics, because these two have the soul and the charisma. Ronnie is, indeed, becoming and can be, the Ronnie James Dio of this generation, because he also has the passion. “Into The Black” is the continuation of what I’m talking about. The keyboards are very catchy and blend very well on the song, giving a modern atmosphere. “Sacrifice” has something mysterious about it, or is it me? No! It’s such ‘80s vibes and melodies. “Brightest Star” reminds me of Queensrÿche, when they started. “Closer To Your Fall” shows how passionate Ronnie is and we can hear some sick riffs here, and “Shadows Kill Twice” opens with a very emotional riff. With this “Alchemy Of Souls Part 1”, their most eclectic and bold album to date, Lords Of Black take a solid step forward in their career. They ‘ve discovered new territories, heavy riffs, powerful and colorful melodies. It’s a record to listen and discover.

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda