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W.E.B. is one of the finest representatives of the Greek extreme metal scene. Having a long history since 2002, a contract with the legendary Metal Blade Records and a killer studio album out, titled “Colosseum”, W.E.B. is gazing at the future with optimism and self-confidence. In a few days (April 29th 2023), Sakis Prekas and co. will hit the stage of Temple Athens, together with Gentihaa and Drama Noir, and a sonic earthquake will shake the earth. Myth of Rock, looking forward to this upcoming big event, talked with Sakis Prekas, who answered our questions politely and precisely!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

On the 29th of April 2023, you play live in Athens with Gentihaa and Drama Noir. How do you feel now, a few days before this concert?


We haven’t played in our hometown since 2018 (Rockwave Festival with Iron Maiden) and we haven’t given a headline show here since 2015. It is about time, isn’t it? We are very excited and cannot wait for the moment we step on stage for this particular concert.


What should the fans expect from this live show?

Our focus in our live shows is all about the audience. We prepare our concerts so that everyone attending, has a good time with us and at the same time we want to show what W.E.B. is all about. Expect to have a good time and that you will watch a band on stage that gives it all for you!


How important are live shows for W.E.B.? How much different do you sound live on stage compared to the studio albums?

I believe, through our concerts, one may have a way better understanding of the vision behind W.E.B. and the true energy of our music comes out. Now, I am not sure if this means we sound different live but, I am positive we bring a rather different vibe.


You have played a lot of significant live concerts in the past (for example with Cradle of Filth, Moonspell, a tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse, etc.). What memories do you keep from all these concerts? Which was the best and which the worst moment in all these live shows?

Every concert and tour is an experience. We choose to learn every time something new that helps us make better steps in our future, hence we have come across good as well as terrible stuff. Many nice moments throughout our career yet I will have to choose the latest concert in Lisbon, sold out venue, crazy people, the loudest audience I have seen in my life maybe, moshing and singing our lyrics. Truly, they made a good reason for us to tour again, just to play in Portugal again!!! Worse… I would say just one word here: airports!!


Your latest full-length album was “Colosseum”. How do you see that album now? Most people believe that this album is your best to date. Do you agree with that? Why?

“Colosseum” is a different very impulsive album compared to our previous works. All of us composed music and wrote lyrics and the final result came out great. I love it and I am very very happy people believe it is our best so far. Actually we wouldn’t release any material if we wouldn’t believe it is our best so, to answer your question, yes I agree with these people you talk about yet, time will tell in the end.


Would you say that W.E.B.’s current line-up is the best you’ve ever had? Why?

It is. Because with this line-up since 2017 we have achieved more than we had ever achieved the 15 years before that.


“Colloseum” was released by the legendary Metal Blade Records. How did this contract come up? Are you satisfied with Metal Blade’s work until now? Will Metal Blade release also your next album?

The album was scheduled to be released by our previous label, Apathia Records but, they chose to shut down and brought us before the situation of having to search for a new record label again. We started making contacts with everyone, the proposals came and Metal Blade was the best one. Of course, we are satisfied and pleased to work with people who know their job 100% and believe in W.E.B. as much as we do. Our latest meetings were in fact about the future plans of the band and the upcoming releases schedule so yes, next one will be again with Metal Blade Records.


Have you started working on your next album? If yes, can you give us all the info about it (music style of the new songs, album title, song titles, recording studio, producer, mixing/mastering etc.)?

At the moment we are working on an EP with new and bonus material, that is to be released in 2023 and we will concentrate on the new album, in a couple of months, to have it ready before 2023 ends. There are riffs and ideas already recorded but it is too early even for us to have a clear picture of how this album is going to be. All I can say for sure is the same I said before, that we want it to be better than “Colosseum” otherwise, we will not release it.


It is commonly said that you play in a symphonic black metal style. Do you agree with this description?

Well, it gives you a good first description of what you will listen from us yet I am not 100% sure this is the term. This is the reason back when the band was founded, we invented the term “dark metal” that many bands seem to be enhancing more and more to describe their music. We have met many fans talking to us about it that when they first listened to W.E.B. they expected to listen to symphonic black metal yet it was not exactly that. I understand the confusion and all but to be purely honest, I don’t care about these terms. We compose and play from the heart, not from a genre generator.


Which are your favorite artists/bands? What music do you listen to, nowadays?

Lately I listen a lot to gothic and atmospheric metal from the mid 90’s. There was a charm in these bands back then that I cannot find anywhere now. It is very hard to say my favs since they change all the time but I can tell you I love Maiden, Metallica, Priest, Cradle, Moonspell, Behemoth, Borgir, Anathema and 100 others hahaha… It depends on the mood I guess.


Which are your favorite lyric themes? What does inspire you to write lyrics?

Inspiration is everywhere, every day. Anything. In W.E.B. the lyrics are very much about death, vampirism, the occult…


How would you describe the atmosphere and the feeling of your music?

Dark, epic and metal AF.


The Greek extreme metal scene is very productive and successful nowadays. How do you experience this phenomenon? Why do you think this happens?

The Greek extreme metal scene is made out of people very much dedicated to their art. This is the main reason of their productivity as well as success. I wouldn’t say it is phenomenal or that I experience it in some sort of way because lately I happen to be very focused on W.E.B. as well and there is a lot of work behind this band that unfortunately keeps me from tracking what’s happening around me.


How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you?

More or less the same way as it affected everyone. Staying at home, working from home, lack of guideline, rise of the Karens that know better than science, governments that misinform… a chaotic cocktail if you ask me. We tried to make the best out of what we had to deal with as a band and the record deal with Metal Blade along with the release of “Colosseum” in 2021, to us it was a successful step. We had 3 or 4 tours cancelled though and were always very frustrated about this yet, we did not give up to our target thus here we are.


If you had a time machine, to which time period would you travel?

Maybe back to the 80s-90s. I do miss a purer world even though since humans are around, it is mostly an earth cancer bacterium killing everything including humanity itself. I believe the answer to everything is in Art, and that Art is the meaning of life.


If you could cooperate with another famous musician, who would he/she be? Why?

If I could choose one right now, it would be Yoshiki Hayashi. He is not very well know in Greece for some reason but, he is one of the biggest rock icons worldwide and one of the best composers on the planet right now. Too much respect and admiration to him.


Send your message to the fans, please!

Stay Dark, you Demons!!!

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