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Come and meet the Blax family! In this exclusive interview, we delve into the dark, enchanting world of Blax, one of Italy’s best and most interesting hard gothic rock bands. Known for their haunting melodies and powerful stage presence, Blax shares their journey, inspirations and the creative process behind their unique sound. Join us as we explore the depths of their gothic artistry and musical evolution.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Where, when and how was Blax formed? Give us the story of the band until now.

The band adventure started in March 2020, when our singer and songwriter Giampaolo Polidoro, alias Blax, started to collaborate with our guitarist Marco Fanella, alias Hektor, for the recording of the first demo-tape, which later became the music you can listen through our album “Meravilia”, recorded during 2021. The Blax project became a family in 2022, when the drummer Massimiliamo Bergo (alias Argex), the bass player Giulia Balestrieri (alias Katla) and the guitarist Emil Dellantonio (alias Hexen) joined the band.

You released your debut album some months ago. How do you see that album now? Are you satisfied with the reaction of the press and the fans? Would you change something to it, if you had the opportunity?

Yes, people who listen to album “Meravilia” express good feeling about the gothic sound, which is reflected in the whole band image and concept. The very well done production of the album is another positive point received from both fans and music press. Now our aim is to let more and more people know our first album by playing live around the world.

How would you describe the music of Blax? I think your style is melodic industrial/gothic rock. Do you agree with me?

Yes, we think that the more appropriate way to call our music is “hard goth” as the gothic

influences meet a 80s hard rock inspired sound. The band has a theatrical image related to the

representation of this goth Blax family.

Which bands made you wanna play music? Which are your favourite bands now?

Helloween and Iron Maiden made me to play music at the very first beginning. Now bands like Ghost are my favorite.

Who is responsible for the music and lyrics of Blax? How do you compose music and write lyrics?

Every song of the first album “Meravilia“ was born from our singer Giampaolo (Blax) and then developed together with the guitarist Marco (Hektor).

Where do your lyrics refer to?

The album “Meravilia” is thought as a concept album as the songs are meant to tell the stories around Blax family, so a central narrative is present in the album.

Why did you name the band Blax and the album “Meravilia”?

The name was spontaneously born, while trying to grasp in its meaning between dark and black, intending a “black” soul. “Meravilia” represents the place where this family lives, as you can image from the album cover.

Describe the recording sessions of ”Meravilia”. Who did the production? The mixing and the mastering?

The recordings took place in Ravel 5 Studio in Latina where the guitarist Marco Fanella led the full recording and production of the album “Meravilia”.

If you had the chance to collaborate with a famous musician, who would he/she be? Why?

With the band Ghost, because it is very near our music and scene.

How much important is atmosphere and feeling for Blax?

It is very important, because the gothic atmosphere needs to have an image related to the music sound.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you?

Actually pandemic was a time period that helped us to be creative, because Giampaolo, our singer and songwriter, was starting to create the idea of Blax during the pandemic in 2020.

Have you started working on new songs? Give me all the necessary information, please!

The composition process is going ahead for new songs that will elevate Blax sound and family representation.

Which are your plans for the future? Some live dates or even a tour?

We have several dates, we will play outside Italy like in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, etc.

Send your message to the fans!

What we want is to play for all people who can appreciate our compositions, letting them be part of the Blax family, because sharing the same passion for music is what make us a family. You can get in touch through social networks for sure, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, and then listen to our music on every music platforms. Thank you!

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