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RoseBlades is a newcomer band and their hard rock/heavy metal point of view is very interesting. Some days after their compelling live show at Nomads, in Athens, Myth of Rock came in contract with the charismatic Greek quartet, and we had a really wonderful, small chat, which follows right below.

by Ira Bunia

Good afternoon guys, how are you doing?

Good evening! We are all fine, thanks so much for the invitation.

Before we start with music, I would like you to introduce yourself and mention your role in the band.

We are four people in this group, Harris on guitar, Marios on drums, Malena on bass and George on vocals.

So … RoseBlades! How did this band name come up?

The name of the band came by chance, mainly from the design of the logo as we wanted to mix two different elements and in our case it was the rose and the blade.

When did you start playing? When did you decide to start playing live shows?

We started playing and learning cover songs at the beginning of 2023, but from the very beginning, we intended to start live shows. About five months after we had released our own material, we started live shows non-stop, we played almost every month!

You have five tracks of your own. Tell me a little bit about the composition of the tracks.

The tracks came from random riffs, we thought they were good enough. We worked them and everything else we had as an idea. In general we don’t stop experimenting, as we are still new to all this and we are constantly discovering things.

 Is there any new material in the making?

 We are constantly writing and editing our own material, so in every live show there is almost always something new to share with the fans.

Is there a consensus of views and a common vision within the band?

We all want to achieve the same things, which is to improve and expand as a band, to go one step further than we would have imagined we could.

Which are your music influences?

The main influence for us has always been the freedom to be able to express ourselves through music. The hard rock and metal scene taught us that better than any other genre.

Which is going to be your next concert?

We are getting ready to play at 24/5 in Bums with very good friends and very loud music!

Thank you very much for your time and I wish that you fulfill all your goals.

Thanks again for the invitation!

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