by MythofRock

The metal quartet named Voidgazer, hailing from Missouri, have released their first full length record titled “Dance of the Undesirables”. Why I only categorized them as metal you may ask. Well, that is because their genre is a mix of multiple different ones, including sludge, progressive, grindcore and many more. With musically brilliant blending of different sounds and tricks, they definitely made their first impression quite memorable. This release is definitely action and passion packed. The instruments are so well bound together and each and every part of the recording you can tell is very masterfully produced. Drums that are resemblant to the grindcore scene, with blast beats at brain numbing speeds all through the record, a bass tone heavy enough to cut glass and guitar playing that’s absolutely flawless. There is nothing much left to say besides sitting back and letting this macabre trip continue. The vocals are growled, barbaric and snarled, just the perfect kind for their sound. I loved the way that the instruments blend with the frontman, as they follow the little vocal changes here and there. This album is something fresh in the scene, like a breath you’ve been struggling to take and it’ s definitely going to leave you wondering how they’re going to top or match it in their later discography. I find myself going back to this album very often, thus I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot.

♦ 9/10

Christina X


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