by MythofRock

Kawir‘s latest album, “Kydoimos”, is a sonic odyssey that will transport listeners to the distant lands of ancient Greece. The Greek black metal band has long been known for their unique blend of traditional Hellenic folk melodies and atmospheric black metal, and “Kydoimos” is no exception. Kawir has always had a deep connection with mythology and their heritage and that’s something I’ve appreciated for some time, as in this album, they transpire the story of “Iliad”, the epic war poem written by Homer, one of the oldest existing pieces of literature that is still widely read and my personal favorite… The instruments on this album are incredible. The guitar work is intricate and evocative, weaving together complex arpeggios and soaring melodies that conjure up images of ancient ruins and mythic battles. Vocal-wise, this creation is excellent, as it captures the true heroism and anguish felt by our characters (the Aristos Achaion, Achilles, the Myrmidon Army, Patroclus and Hector). In short, “Kydoimos” is a masterpiece that will appeal to fans of black metal, folk metal, and anyone who loves music with a strong cultural identity. It’s a testament to Kawir’s skill as songwriters and musicians, as well as their love of mythology and ability to transform it into something so tragically beautiful. “Kydoimos” offers a rich and rewarding listening experience. Kawir has once again proven why they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of black metal.

Christina X

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