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Melody, power, versatility, epic guitar riffs, soaring vocals: welcome to the world of classic heavy/power/prog metal, welcome to the world of Veritas. As the ethereal echoes of their dynamic and emotional music transport fans to distant places, we delve into the heart of this US metal band in an exclusive interview. Join us on a hellish ride, where passion meets technique, and discover a band, which brings yesterday to today and shows the way to the future. Greg Wenk (guitar) gives the answers.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Veritas released its sophomore album (“Silent Script”) some months ago. How do you see this album now? Are you satisfied with the response of the press and the fans?

We are very pleased with the album. The press and fans have said great things about the new CD. We are looking forward to hearing more from both.


Where would you trace the differences between “Silent Script” and your debut album? How much have you progressed?

The new CD is a natural progression. It still has a similar sound but the songs are stronger since we are more comfortable with each others writing styles.


Give us all the details about the recordings and the production process of “Silent Script”.

“Silent Script” was written and recorded over about a 3 year period. We narrowed the song list down to 12 songs. The song length is a bit longer this time and the last track is the longest we’ve written so far.


Who is responsible for the music and lyrics of Veritas?

We all write our own parts. I write the main melody on guitar and send it to Mark to add the drums. He sends it back and I re-record and layer the guitar tracks. It then goes to Geno for bass and Denny writes the lyrics and adds vocals.


I believe your sound is a mix of classic hard rock/metal and technical/progressive hard rock/metal. Do you agree with me?

Yes, we have many influences in both styles. I always preferred music that was catchy and also technical enough to keep musicians interested.


Which artists/bands have influenced you?

There are so many and the style I listen to changes all the time. Currently: Savatage, Metal Church, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Helloween, Fifth Angel.


Which are the trademarks of Veritas’ music, in your opinion?

Songs that casual listeners can enjoy with enough technicality for the musicians to stay interested. We write songs we would enjoy listening to even if not in the band.


Where do the lyrics of “Silent Script” refer to?

Denny writes the lyrics so that everyone can interpret them personally.


Give us all the info about the album cover of “Silent Script”.

The cover was designed by Harley Velasquez. The idea behind it was a portal to dreams and ambitions waiting to be discovered.


You have Mark Zonder on drums. How did you first come in contact with him? Is he now a full-member of the band or is he still a session player? Why?

Denny suggested contacting Mark when we were searching for a drummer. He had worked with him on a project in the past. As much as I would love to say he is a member, he is just helping us out in the studio. He’s a very busy guy and has his own projects that keep his attention.


This new album is released by Sliptrick Records. How did the deal with this label come up?

We recorded the CD and started shopping a few songs around trying to find the best deal. We have been working with Angels PR for many years now and Sliptrick is one the labels they helped us approach.


Why did you choose the name “Veritas” for the band?

I was looking for a name for the new band I was putting together and I came across Veritas which means truth. I just liked the way it sounded. We also combined the name with the Celtic symbol Awen, which means creativity to form our logo.


Which are your ambitions for Veritas?

Our plan is to continue recording and releasing new music and start playing some shows.


Do you play live in concert? Do you have a plan for a tour?

We haven’t yet but we are hoping to start booking shows for summer of 2024 and hopefully play some festivals.


Send your message to the fans!

Thank you to all our fans for buying our music and sharing it with others. We appreciate the support and hope to see you live this summer. Go to our sites for current updates www.facebook.com/veritasmusickc www.veritas.rocks



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