by MythofRock

Philadelphia, US, art-rock/post-punk/synth pop/chamber pop duo, Tulipomania, comes back with a new, fifth album, dubbed “Dreaming of Sleep”, where the single “Then and Only Then” is included. Nestled within the intricate crossroads of the aforementioned genres, this track is a mesmerizing voyage through wonderful music landscapes that captivate from the very first note. Tulipomania’s ability to seamlessly fuse diverse influences is on full display, creating a sonic outcome that feels both nostalgic and innovative. “Then and Only Then” is based on a driving rhythm and synth pop layers, which provide a solid foundation for the other elements that cascade over each other. The melodies are infectious, while the lush arrangements add a depth and sophistication that elevates the listening experience. The vocal delivery on “Then and Only Then” is both haunting and evocative, adding a human touch to the electronic character and a theatrical edge to the final musical product. Therefore, without any exaggeration, prepare yourselves for a single that will linger in your mind and invite repeated listens to unravel all its content, a must-listen by Tulipomania, who differ from the others, being architects of a sound that transcends boundaries and expectations. It seems that Cheryl Gelover (keyboards, vocals) and Tom Murray (bass, drums, keyboards, lead vocals) have a certain vision for Tulipomania and nothing can stand in their way!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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