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London-based alternative/psychedelic rock artist Sabatta continues to carve out a distinctive niche in the music landscape with the release of the single “Get Over Yourself” from the album ‘How To Get Even.’ Diving into Sabatta’s sonic offerings provides a refreshing departure, unveiling a multifaceted journey through alternative worlds that demand attention. “Get Over Yourself” opens with an arresting guitar riff that immediately sets a tone of anticipation. Sabatta’s unique blend of various influences becomes evident as the track unfolds. The dynamic instrumentation, characterized by a fusion of gritty, funky guitar work and loud, hypnotizing rhythm section, creates a canvas that is both raw and expansive. Vocally, Sabatta delivers with a charismatic intensity and a personal hue, sounding like a punk, dirty version of Lenny Kravitz! Of course, the production is commendable, allowing each instrument to occupy its space in the mix while contributing to the overall richness. With its infectious energy, irresistible groove, unapologetic attitude and musical innovation, “Get Over Yourself” not only serves as a strong single, but also as a gateway into the diverse and dynamic universe of Sabatta’s “How To Get Even” album. Let’s discover what this promising newcomer artist has to say, shall we?!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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