by MythofRock

Sunrunner is a band from Maine, USA, formed in 2008, and “Sacred Arts of Navigation” is their fifth studio album. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from this album, so, every new Sunrunner song was a true revelation for me and through this new album I learned a great band, with many skills, talent and things to offer. Sunrunner plays in a heavy rock/metal style with many progressive elements, and it is incredible that this band manages to have its own musical character – no, they are not reinventing the genre, but their sound is easily recognizable. Containing eleven songs, “Sacred Arts of Navigation” will take you on a mysterious, adventurous ride to a miraculous world, it is the beautiful soundtrack of a marvelous journey. The American band has composed some stunning tracks, where heavy sounds meet technique, all served with feeling and finesse. Of course, the crescendo of this fabulous album is the ending track, “Navigating the Apocalypse”, a 12-minute intricate and brilliant epic song, which will bring you to euphoria. The guitar work is excellent, the rhythm section is solid and galloping and the overall sound production is just flawless. In the very beginning I couldn’t get used to the vocals, but now, I have to say that the vocals make a perfect match with the instruments. If you want to listen to some heavy progressive music, Sunrunner is here for you. The band’s musicianship, complex arrangements and personal sense of melody will make you have a nice time listening to this nice work of music. Do not miss it by any means!

♦ 7,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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