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In an exclusive interview, we delve into the amazing world of Snakebite, the Greek Alice Cooper tribute band, through the words of Konstantinos Kouzigiannis, the guitarist whose passion for Alice Cooper’s music birthed an extraordinary tribute. Our conversation dives into the core of Snakebite’s artistic endeavor and explores the mysteries behind this tribute band.

by Ira Bounia

Good evening, Konstantinos. Happy New Year! I wish you health and happiness!!

Happy New Year with health, Ira.


Firstly, could you introduce the members of Snakebite and the roles they play?

The members of the band are: Antonis Papadopoulos – vocals, Konstantinos Kouzigiannis – guitar, Antonis Spatharos – guitar, Dimitris Kotsikos – bass, Foivos Andriopoulos – drums, Heraklis Dimitroglou – keyboards, Peny Rizou – vocals, Dimitra Partsanaki – theatrics, Spyros Spyropoulos – theatrics.


Since when have you existed as an Alice Cooper tribute band, and who had the inspiration for the name Snakebite?

Snakebite was created in 2017 after a few jam night performances where we played Alice Cooper’s songs. We played again and again, liked it, bonded among ourselves, and decided to form an Alice Cooper tribute band. We had various ideas for the band’s name, and eventually, I suggested the name Snakebite, which we all agreed upon. “Hey Stoopid” is my favorite Alice Cooper album, and it includes the specific song.


Is there a common vision among the members of Snakebite? Do you share similar musical influences?

We all share a love for rock music. It’s our common favorite music. More or less, we have similar tastes. Everyone in the band, including past members, admires Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper, after all, receives respect from numerous artists worldwide for his discography, influence on rock and metal, as an artist, songwriter, and for inventing the rock show. As a band, we all want to play Alice Cooper’s songs and reproduce his show as best as we can, covering a setlist representative of Alice Cooper’s discography.


Undoubtedly, there is love for Alice Cooper. Is this love a source for what you do and prepare for each live show, such as stage decoration and theatrics?

Certainly, if we look into the essence of all this, we find love and boundless respect for Alice Cooper. Those who know me, either as a fan or through the Greek Nightmare Fan Club, or as the guitarist of Snakebite, know this. There will never be another artist of this magnitude, with such a rich discography and musical legacy that influences so many others. I’ve loved Alice Cooper’s music, since I was 9 years old. Over the years, I felt the need to play in a band that had no other purpose than to play only his songs for those who know and feel the same love for Alice Cooper.


Watching your journey, one can see that Snakebite is gaining an increasingly diverse audience of various ages. How do you receive this response, and what messages do you receive from the people?

We were fortunate to gain a fan base early on, thanks to the Greek Nightmare Fan Club that supported our effort. However, soon the audience expanded, and people who did not belong to the fan club came to see us. This means that something went well and continues to do so. We’re talking about people who have been listening to Alice Cooper’s albums since the ’70s and kids who are just discovering him now. It’s beautiful, especially when I hear everyone’s stories, both young and old, about what his music means to them, how they acquired a specific album, or what their favorite album is.


If you were to recommend two albums to someone who is now starting the musical journey into Alice Cooper, what would they be?

I think this is the most challenging question, because I have to choose from 29 albums, each with so many outstanding songs. I would probably choose “Killer” from 1971, which is fantastic from start to finish and my favorite ’70s Alice Cooper album. Also, “Hey Stoopid” from 1991, which is my favorite album overall! If you ask me tomorrow, I might give you two different albums like “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Billion Dollar Babies”. Alice is that diverse!


Let’s move on to a significant event that began happening since 2019 and is perhaps the best gift a tribute band can offer to its audience. I am referring, of course, to Alice Cooper’s guitarist, Ryan Roxie, performing with you on stage. Tell me how this incredible dream was achieved and what emotions you felt.

Long before Snakebite was formed, I founded the Greek Nightmare Fan Club. So, thanks to my dear friend Konstantinos Savvas, connections, and quite a bit of luck, we managed to bring this great guitarist not once but twice so far to play with us and offer something special to the audience and Greek fans. It’s very gratifying to play these legendary songs on a stage much smaller than the ones we usually see him on with Alice, and especially knowing that he wrote some of these songs himself. I think I was shocked, when this thought first came to my mind.


Can we expect something similar for 2024?

We are already planning something significant, as this year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Greek Nightmare Fan Club.


January 6th is approaching, and the Temple is about to catch fire with two equally powerful bands, Dr. Crüe and Wild Machine. How do you feel about playing at the same live event?

Temple is a very beautiful venue with a nice and large stage, allowing us to present all our theatrics as we want. Both bands are fantastic, with incredible stage presence, energy, and ready to rock. It will be a very powerful live show.


Your growing audience continues to increase. Will you play in other cities? Is there something in the works?

We have received invitations for some time now to play in other cities hungry for concerts and Alice! Yes, we are planning it, and I don’t think the announcement will be delayed.


Konstantinos, thank you very much for the time you dedicated to me. We’ll talk soon and in person.

Thank you, and we’ll see each other at the live show!


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