by MythofRock

Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Sink the Ship are releasing their new album and are ready to conquer the world. Their musical journey began in 2012 and now, with “Persevere” they seem to have the chance to make the big step. They are blending post-hardcore with post-punk and you call their music easycore – enough with these labels, Sink the Ship are mature, bold and their songwriting is clever: in their selection of thirteen songs, aggression meets melody, and a great musicianship can persuade the listener that something special is happening here. Apart from the energy and the adrenaline, the band expresses its feelings and delivers something emotional – their unique sound will make you want to bang your head, but also make you want to have fun and party. These different effects are successfully combined, just like the clean with the brutal vocals, just like the heavy riffs with the catchy refrains. It is obvious that Sink the Ship have their own character, a musical signature that can help them move and cross the gate of popularity. My favorite tracks of the album are “Deadweight”, “Put up or Shut up” and “Persevere” – I am sure you will find yours. “Persevere” is a strong modern metal album. Come and taste it – you won’t be disappointed!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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