by MythofRock

One of the most talented Greek musicians of our times, keyboardist and guitarist Bob Katsionis has released his latest solo effort. “Prognosis & Synopsis” is the follow-up to 2012’ s “Rest in Keys” and stands out as a great comeback solo album. Katsionis’ new opus is the answer to the prayers of all progressive metal music lovers, the gift to all the metal maniacs who want their metal progressive, epic and pompous. And Katsionis seems unstoppable: shortly after the release of Firewind’s “Immortals” album and a little time prior to the new Outloud album, he is offering us a prog metal masterpiece that includes everything – melody, passion, energy, emotions and inspiration. Yes, “Prognosis & Synopsis” sounds like a progressive metal dream that is coming true. The Greek maestro has come to a peak with a majestic album release that contains orgasmic prog metal compositions and shivering soundscapes, all given with his technical wizardry and a spontaneous feeling of art and musicality. From the prog orgies of “Aegean Sunset”, “Asymmetric Parallels” and “Secret of the Nomads” to the cinematic lights of “Amnesia”, “Dark Matter” and “The Messenger”, “Prognosis & Synopsis” is the unfailing personal confession of a musician, who knows how to combine shredding with emotions, heaviness and complexity with his luminous artistic visions. If you are into progressive metal and melodic metal, you have to listen to this piece of art. But in general, every fan of well-crafted and imaginative music will explore so many things in “Prognosis and Synopsis”. Listen to how Katsionis is speaking with his guitar riffs/solos and keys and you will be astonished. An instrumental album that will speak to your heart. Excellent.

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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