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by MythofRock

Reversed is a Greek band, yet if you listen to their stuff, you will think that they come from the United States. They have an American hard rock/alternative rock sound and that’s the path their debut EP (“Diana”) follows. This EP includes three songs, ”Diana”, ”Feel the Knife” and ”Reversed”, songs that could have been composed by a mature, well-distinguished band, songs that could by the hits of a celebrated group. What I like in Reversed’s EP are the strong melodies, the addictive riffs and solos, the finesse of the vocals, the brio with which the songs are orchestrated. Reversed’s mainstream hard alternative rock style is expressed in compositions with catchy refrains and an unbeatable groove, which will make you stomp your feet and sing every verse. The production is loud, clear and helps the band build a thick wall of rockin’ music. It’s obvious that the Greeks know how to keep the rock fans’ interest, without following cliché, without dated song ideas, always with an interesting composing concept. This EP introduces a promising band to us. Whoever has listened to Reversed and their few songs, understands that something good has been prepared here. I personally cannot stop pushing play again and again! I am sure that Reversed will continue as brilliantly as they have started. They hold the key to success.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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