by MythofRock

Death Shroud come from Virginia, USA, and ”Parhelion” is their third full length album. The black metal duo is now under the roof of a big label, WormHoleDeath, and with this new album they seem ready to reign in a shadowy black metal realm, they seem capable of disturbing our dreams. They sail on troubled waters and inspiration is their beacon. Inspiration and unique artistry, which give them the dark power to orchestrate a black metal masterpiece. After listening to the songs of ”Parhelion”, I can only say: my fears have a new name, my nightmares have a new soundtrack, Death Shroud have haunted me… Everything is shrouded by their black metal elegies, everything is seen and heard now under the prism of darkness. Stylistically, the band plays traditional black metal, however, sometimes their sound gets more majestic and sometimes they remember the black n’ roll genre. Of course, black metal fans will have a great time with this new release, they will experience the black metal rawness, the black metal mastery of Death Shroud. It’s an album with simple songs, the atmospheres have the typical black metal coldness, but exactly this simplicity, this freshness and unrelenting enthusiasm makes ‘Parhelion’ an interesting offering from this brilliant black metal duo. So, if you are looking for a cool black metal album, you may taste this new album by Death Shroud. And black death is just the beginning!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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