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Top class power/progressive metal! That’s what you will find in “Rage”, the new album of Pyramid. Pyramid is an international, all-star project around bassist Lance Sawyer, whose extraordinary vision is incarnated in a beautiful musical corpus, with the help of well-distinguished musicians from all over the world. “Rage” waits for your response, as Lance Sawyer was kind enough to answer our list of questions!

Where, when and how was Pyramid formed?
It was formed in 2017 by me .. Joey Izzo (keyboards) and Adam Bentley (guitars) were both fresh out of Berklee and I reached out to the both of them and ideas and music came about.

Why did you decide to form Pyramid as an international all-star project and not as a simple band?
I wanted certain elements and music ideas that to me made sense to the music I was producing.

Is Pyramid a studio only project or do you also play live in concert?
Pyramid is a project at the moment but there have been talks of bringing this to the stage.

How do you feel now that you have released your new album? Are you satisfied with the response of the media and the fans?
“Rage” is getting lots of attention and that is amazing and very satisfying.

How much has Pyramid progressed in this new album?
Pyramid is building parts and pieces and making a solid structure and foundation. Each brick is just as important as other.

Now that almost four months have passed since the official release of “Rage”, what would you change to it, if you had the opportunity?
I’m very happy with the release. I’m not sure I would change anything.

 Many musicians take part in “Rage”. With which criteria did you select the guest musicians?
Yes I did. I constructed and put together the band and vocalists.

How was it to collaborate with two famous metal singers, Tim “Ripper” Owens and Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin?
It’s amazing. Both of these two love and have passion for what and who they are.

I noticed that in some parts of your songs we can hear violin. How did you decide to add the violin? Who is the violinst? Give us all the info!
Yes, the old school Celtic Violin of Perrine. She’s a world renowned violinist in France. I reached out to her and she was honest that she has never played in a metal project like this. As she recorded and time went on, she found herself very excited and happy to be part of it.

Describe the recording sessions and the whole production of “Rage”. Who did the mixing and the mastering?
The recording process is awesome. We all recorded our parts in the luxury of our own studios. Adam is a mixing engineer, so he did all the mixing and engineering. Maor Appelbaum a world famous mastering engineer did all the mastering.

How would you describe the music of Pyramid?
It’s a combination of modern and new retro styles combined.

Where do your lyrics refer to?
Lyrics are everyday life, feelings, politics and extreme loss.

Which are your favorite music styles and your favorite musicians/bands?

I like Rush, Tool, Animals as Leaders, Dream Theater the list goes on.

How is a typical Pyramid song composed? How much important is the (complex) song structure for Pyramid?
I write all the structure of the music. It’s a combination of many styles and ideas that is typically more design of how I play and write music.

If you could choose a famous artist to co-operate with in the next Pyramid studio album, who would he/she be?
As we speak, Glen Driver formerly lead guitarist of Megadeth and King Diamond are collaborating on music now.

How did you decide to work with Sleaszy Rider?
Andry Lagiou was signed under the label, so she introduced Tolis to me.

Which are your future plans?
To keep writing building a concept and put awesome music out.

Send your message to the fans!
Thank you for all your support and love.


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