by MythofRock

Pink Turns Blue don’t need any introduction – they are pioneers of the ’80s post-punk scene, a cult group of the European scene, which started its career with a great album, “If Two Worlds Kiss”. Their post-punk music has new wave aesthetics, a dark, melancholic feeling, a solid, groovy rhythm section and frequent keyboard sounds. Although they never managed to reach the high quality of their beginnings, Pink Turns Blue have released listen worthy albums, which maintain the myth of the band. That happened also in the case of their latest album, “Tainted”, that happens also in the case of their new EP, “Tainted Tour-2022”. This EP contains four songs, all of which have the signature of the band. The new songs of Pink Turns Blue are fine examples of indie music – all of them feature driving, stable beats, gentle rhythm guitar work, enchanting synthesizers and dark undertones. These four Pink Turns Blue “doses” are more than satisfactory, a nice offering to ease the wait for their next full-length studio album. I really like very much the new compositions of the Germans, who send a message of artistic wellness. “We Still Could Make It”, “Not Gonna Take It” and “We Always Wanted More” prove the band’s excellent songwriting, and “Lovers Forever” shines as a musical, ethereal poem in the warm darkness of this EP. If you are fans of Pink Turns Blue, I am sure that you already own this release. If you learn now about Pink Turns Blue, “Tainted Tour-2022” is a nice way to begin your relationship with this awesome band.

♦ 7,5/10




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