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Black metal project Chaoist signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the EP “Annul”, due for release on October 28th, 2022.

Chaoist speaking about the signing, stated: “As the embers of the Work burn violently, drawing ever closer to a conclusion, now, the release of “Annul” has brought another fruit from its subconscious waters. As the written maeteria was finished, the paths crossed with the label Wormholedeath, resulting in a mutual understanding that has finally been crowned in collaboration and partnership. The physical and digital publishing of the EP will manifest under this banner, and through this union, “Annul” will also be released worldwide through the many channels of the label. Through this leap forward, the finishing preparations are being made so that the twofold echo, reflecting both past and future may be uttered, now in an even more than worthy manner!”.

Within the confines of the mind, as that of white walls, impressions and expressions gather and fill up the space. They paint the walls and leave their subtle mixture of fragrances in the air, until they inevitably evaporate, leaving only a precipitate, the essence of a point in time objective only to its confines themselves.
Yet, in all the detachment, even only by its movement, a state of overflow is brought on through ever-increasing gluttony, until, in one way or another, the matter is regurgitated into being.
In 2013, such was a rough premise, after prior attempts at writing both musically and lyrically with being active in other projects, as Tyrker was formed. Although short-lived, splitting up after several live appearances, it is here that the ever-present idea of composing and recording alone turned real.
As the work continues, prior forms and patterns become distorted through the means of their materialization and the direction of meaning into that which is to become. Baptized in the excess that was now named “Joys of Life”, the first and full-length release was “Dem Tod sei Dank” in 2015 through Depressive Illusions Records. Being a debut, the end result was more than satisfying to both parties.
Even though being active in other projects such as ЖЕГОР and KOBB at the time, the material for the next release was relatively quickly written. The final form was to be more refined, and purified, to a degree that not only reflects the music more but also its meaning. Yet, the blossom of a second, full-length release happened at last in 2018, bearing the name “Ausweg/Existenzfeind” via  Jesboligakurac Records.
Along with maintaining focus on a creative flow, now it was also shifted to the aim of bringing together a coherent group to bring forth live performances. In the span of a year, ideas and images comingled and rehearsals were organized, but never truly carried the full force they were meant to.
Through this, the incoherent spawn only grew and became more centered feeding and being fed by past, present, and future only to be regurgitated again, but also aching above its own image, painting the walls black with its mass and in its gluttony directing the mind to also rise even above itself.
With the current exaltation now finished and to be released into the world, the necessary changes have been undergone to appropriately reflect in matter and spirit. Only one of these being the name “Chaoist”, under which the Work is to continue henceforth and through a newly developed partnership, under the banner of Wormholedeath the following EP “Annul” will soon be published.

“Annul” Track List

01. Trance – Rapture – Invocation
02. Maeditation I
03. Maeditation II
04. Maeditation III

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