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“New Beginnings Are Met” … and a thrash/death metal holocaust happens!!! Overhate is responsible for this holocaust and Myth of Rock tries to understand this phenomenon! The band comes from Caracas, Venezuela and shows a remarkable potential and quality. Dimitris Zacharopoulos contacted Giancarlo Vettor (guitar, vocals) and they both had a lot of fun talking about various topics!

Give us a short biography of Overhate.

This band was formed in 2003, and we are from Caracas, Venezuela. We have three records out, 2007’s ‘God in a Trench’, 2011’s ‘Relentless is our Strength’ and 2020’s ‘New Beginnings are Met’. We play thrash/death metal with some progressive touches. Heavy music is our passion, just like it should be to you.

Where would you trace the differences between “New Beginnings Are Met” and the previous albums?

“New Beginnings Are Met” is a lot more mature and it is pretty much heavier in its own right. Lyrically it is also a lot better than the previous effort, I guess that the more focus that you have in your life, the better music you produce. In any case, this album really defines our sound, so there you go!

Why did you name your latest album “New Beginnings Are Met”?

Because it came to happen at a very decisive point in my life. Lyrically it kind of reflects all of it. And musically too, if that is not that abstract for me to say. It just was that point in my life, where everything for me was a new beginning, so I guess it just felt right to name it that way.

How do you see now your latest album, two years after its release? Are you satisfied with the fans’ reactions? What would you change in this album, if you had the opportunity?

I think it is our best effort yet, and here in Venezuela it was praised like that, no complaints from my end. I wouldn’t change anything in this record, because I think it really expresses what I needed to express. It says what we wanted to say. I just still listen to it and like it for what it is.

Describe the recording process of “New Beginnings Are Met”. Who did the mixing and the mastering?

This record was recorded in three different cities, Caracas, Montreal, and Peru. Ronald did a pretty good job laying the drums down, which layed the foundations for Samir, Oswaldo and I to lay our tracks really smoothly. I did the vocals at my home studio, which gave me the liberty to experiment a lot while recording them, as well as the guitar tracks, because this was my first time doing guitar layering. It was though the best we could do with what we have. We’re happy with this record, to be fair.

Who is the main music composer in Overhate? Who is the lyrics writer?

I am, in both cases. Everyone has a say with the music, but I do all the lyrics.

How would you describe your music? Which are your music influences?

It’s thrash/death metal with progressive touches. Our influences are mostly the 80’s and 90’s thrash and death metal, along with a lot of other types of music that come here and there. I mean everything that helps you create the better melodies, right?

Where do your lyrics refer to? Which are your favorite lyrical themes?

My lyrics cover a bunch of topics. Spiritual, social, and a bit of politics cover almost all in ‘New beginnings are met’. But there are also songs about life and the teachings you may get from your own decisions. It is very varied this time around. My lyrics are left to open interpretation, but this record, I wanted to dedicate more to it I guess.

Did you tour for “New Beginnings Are Met”? How important are live shows for Overhate? Which are your tour plans?

No. But we did a bunch of streaming dates, and we will tour next year for sure!

Have you started writing new songs? If yes, how do they sound? When are you going to release a new album?

Yes. If the pandemic had anything positive, it was that I could write 11 full songs for the next record. It is fully on our own vibe, like a ‘New Beginnings Are Met’ with some touches of other things. You’ll love it for sure!

How are things for heavy metal in Venezuela? Is there a scene?

There is a small but loyal metal scene. It was dead, but it is coming from its ashes!

How much important is internet for the musicians and the fans nowadays?

It helps, everything’s available, and that is very important.

How did the pandemic affect you?

I did a lot of new songs, but I had covid twice. No more pandemics for me!

What do you think about the war against Ukraine?

All wars suck. They bring the worst to people that don’t deserve it. And it’s never good for anyone. So I think it sucks.

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