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by MythofRock

Nowadays a lot of heavy/power metal bands add pop elements to their music. See for example the works of Amaranthe, Battle Beast, Beast in Black etc. The result is a bombastic/majestic sound, which doesn’t lose its heavy character. That happens with another band – Orden Ogan! The German band always introduced here and there pop elements in its melodic power metal, however, its new album is totally based on this “pop metal” recipe. Orden Ogan has created a melodic metal masterpiece, which has fabulous performances, incredible melodic hooks, impressive solos, big refrains and a huge production. Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (vocals, guitars) is doing everything in the “Final Days” album, as he has a wonderful, unique artistic vision, which is transformed in superb songs. Orden Ogan’s new album encompasses great inspiration, which has led to numerous, unforgettable moments of powerful, passionate, well-crafted power metal. You won’t find a mediocre song here – every composition shines like a diamond, every track will make you sing along, bang your head and shake up and down! I really can’t pick my favorites, as all the songs have something different to say. The Germans get to the highest quality level, they created a melodic metal epos and “Final Days” shall be their breakthrough album. Yes, they are popular, but with such a great album they must get … rich and famous! Now! Seeb and company truly deserve an apotheosis!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos






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