by MythofRock

Steamhammer has just posted on its official Facebook Page a message from Rock N’ Rolf, which refers to the recordings of Running Wild‘s upcoming studio album. Here is the studio update, as posted on Facebook:

“As promised: News from the Running Wild headquarter:“Hi fans…..it’s a long time that you haven’t heard from me but I can assure you that since 2 years I’m working on the new album. There were some unintentionally breaks and for sure Corona was also a reason why it took so long. But I can tell you that 5 songs are mixed and another 5 songs will be ready next week. The cover is already done and besides some pirate songs on the album this time the musketeers will be a dominant theme on this album. The release date will be in the summer and I can’t wait for you to hear these new songs which I think are the best I’ve ever written. Stay tuned for more news coming within the next few weeks….’til then stay healthy and set sails for the things to come” Your Rock N’ Rolf”.



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