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O.Y.D., a formidable force of modern metal, one of the bands that Greece has proudly exported, a group, which makes music that transcends the genres’ boundaries. Myth of Rock had a very interesting conversation with them and right below you can find their answers to our questions.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Can you share with us the inspiration behind forming O.Y.D.?

It was a meeting of five people that love music and wanted to share their vision with the other people through music.

O.Y.D. stands for One Year Delay. Why did you choose this band name?

It’s an inside joke that everything comes with delay in our band, for example our first big live show, the first recording etc.

You faced some line-up changes. Do you think that your current line-up is the stronger you ever had? Why?

It is, because we have a strong vision for the first time. 

Which musical influences shaped your sound? How would you define your music style?

Four people with different origins and different music backgrounds, I would say with one word modern metal.

Your debut album was mixed by Toby Wright and mastered by Andrew Mendelson. Your second album was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom. How did these collaborations come up?
How was it working with Wright/Mendelson and Nordstrom?

When you have a vision for your music you want the best result, so we try to proceed with people that we admire for their work and professionalism. Both experiences  made us better musicians and better songwriters.

How do you see your first two albums? How much have you progressed from “Deep Breath” to “Indigo”?

Of course the step from “Deep Breath” to “Indigo” was closer to what we wanna present as a band!

Lately you released a new single (“Caving In”) off “Indigo”. Why did you select this song as your latest single? Tell us about the music video you shot for this single.

“Caving In” is our new clip/single, it’s a more melodic song.and a slower, dark one, it’s more like trying to connect again as persons with our roots and also trying to think again why we play music and what connects us as a band.

Have you written any new material for your new album? If yes, how does it sound? When
should we expect this release?

We have two new songs, the one more electro…but right now, we are more in pre-production for the new record, so it takes time.

Who is the main composer in O.Y.D? What about the lyrics? What comes first in your
songwriting process – lyrics, melody, or something else?

We compose all together musically, but also when it comes to lyrics.

Every musical journey is accompanied by challenges. What have been some of the most significant challenges O.Y.D. has faced, and how have you overcome them?

Aaaa, Jesus, they are a lot, where to start … time/money/sacrifices, but in the end 

those are the things that motivate you to keep going.

You have given a lot of concerts until now. Share some memorable moments from your shows, especially the support act to Comeback Kid, your participation in the Rockeggiando
festival in Italy and your participation in the Release Athens 2023 festival.

2023 was the year for live gigs for us. We played also with pantera in Romania, one of the best shows that we had …also Release 2023 was great, but of course the first big event was Comeback Kid back in 2018.

Which would be your dream for a song of O.Y.D?

To play our music and share it around the world.

What do you think about the internet’s impact on music nowadays?

I think overall it’s positive, because it helps new bands to present their work and music to the world free.

How do you see things for the Greek rock and metal scene?

It’s strong  with all kinds of taste, not only metal.

Send your message to the fans!

Stay positive, try to be creative, enjoy music! 



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