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by MythofRock

There is no doubt that nowadays traditional heavy metal bands with female vocals are in fashion. Liv Sin is such a band since they have a classic metal sound and Liv Jagrell on vocals. Liv went on to form Liv Sin when Sister Sin disbanded. “Follow Me” is their debut album and it is sounding good. If you are into 80s metal, you will like this album. The Swedes know how to play loud, riff-oriented and catchy music and manage to take us by their side with their fine compositions. To be frank, I don’t like Liv’s vocals, but I must admit that her powerful singing fits the band’s ultra-heavy songs. Liv Sin sounds like an unstoppable riff-machine that works perfectly in every song, not only in the typical rockers but also in the power ballads or the more sophisticated tunes. The band has many influences and that reflects on this diverse album. Yes, the band has a characteristic style, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t collect elements from other genres (i.e. black metal and gothic metal). Thus, you won’t get bored listening to this album. Just push play and Liv Sin will handle everything else. But do Liv Sin differ from the other female fronted metal bands? Yes, I guess. A more certain answer will be given, when they will release their next album, though. Until then …


Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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