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Leon Frear is a seasoned American indie singer and songwriter, who is about to release his debut album, called “Wild Rice”. And the debut single off this forthcoming album is “Secret Second Moon”, a song which introduces us to the post-alternative world of Frear in the best way … when the drums roll in the beginning, you don’t know what to expect. Then the guitar chords come, together with the warm, deep timbre of Frear’s voice and you understand that something special is going on here. The song has a bluesy feeling, it is based on the rich guitar work and has a rhythm that will make you stomp your feet. Yet, the atmosphere is dark, the mood is almost melancholic and Frear tells us a personal story in his evocative lyrics. “Secret Second Moon” reminds me of artists like Nick Cave, and I get the impression that “Wild Rice” will be a great album to deal with. With this song I got lost in emotions, I travelled to a shadowy place, where notes have the protagonistic role. Leon Frear has released a fantastic single, whose sound will catch you like a hook! I am looking forward to the full album and I am sure that we will discover a charismatic musician and his personal, indie signature! “Secret Second Moon” is on the top of my current playlist!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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