by MythofRock

Have you ever heard of … synthpunk grindcore pop nerd rap? Well, that’s the music style of Snailmate! At a point were genres collide and experimentation reigns supreme, Phoenix-based duo Snailmate emerges as a breath of fresh air with their latest album, “Stress Sandwich”. The duo embraces eccentricity, infusing humor into the darkest corners of existence. Lyricist-vocalist and synth wizard Kalen Lander, alongside drummer-backup vocalist Bentley Monet, showcase their versatility and prowess, seamlessly weaving between genres with reckless abandon. At its core, “Stress Sandwich” is a sonic adventure through the labyrinths of notes and … fun. From the moment the first track hits (“Trash, Baby”) listeners are catapulted into Snailmate’s whimsical universe, where synthpunk meets grindcore, and nerd rap dances with pop sensibilities. It’s a cacophony of sound that defies categorization, leaving you exhilarated and slightly bewildered in its wake. If you want to listen to something extraordinary, something weird and funny, “Stress Sandwich” is the prominent choice! Fans of System of A Down, Mr. Bungle, Primus, Limp Bizkit etc will have a great time with this album, which is a triumph of creativity and originality. Snailmate has crafted an album that is equal parts cathartic and infectious, offering a glimpse into the chaotic beauty of the human experience. Snailmate stands out as one of the most exciting acts in the underground music scene. So go ahead, take a bite out of the “Stress Sandwich” – you won’t be disappointed.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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