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by MythofRock

After a decade of waiting, Lake Of Tears are back with “Ominous”, which will be released via AFM Records (19th February, 2021). Daniel Brennare, after dealing with health issues and depression, comes stronger than ever. This record is more futuristic and Daniel has his own opinion, regarding the world. This record can’t be heard separately, because the songs are all connected. The story starts with the ominous brothers. This album is more progressive, more gothic rock/metal than the previous ones that were more doom rock/metal. We can also see the influences of Sisters of Mercy and Pink Floyd. And “Ominous” has an unique atmosphere, which is rather marvelous. Let’s start with the first track – “At The Destination” is very futuristic and has gothic rock influences from the ‘80s, especially on the keyboards. What makes it so special and beautiful is the violin at the end of it. If you like more melancholic and dark tunes, with a guitar contrasting it, than you will love “In Wait And In Worries”. Different atmospheres, along with the guitars. That’s “Lost In A Moment”, a very good track. In “Ominous One” we have very nice, crunchy guitar riffs, mixed with melodic gothic vocals. The next follow up, “Ominous Too” starts with violin strings, pounding with piano vibes, alongside cymbal taps. Let’s not forget the bass here. At the next stop, cymbal taps make the melody even more beautiful, a more futuristic track that provides more eletronic elements at the beginning of the tune, but the stringed guitars make a sound, like the world is about to end. And it’s also the name of the song: “The End Of This World”, an instrumental. There’s a bonus track that takes no role on the story, but it’s interesting: “In Gloom”. For the older fans, it’s not their cup of tea, but they should give it a listen.

♦ 8,5/10

Raquel Miranda





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