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Spice does not need any introduction at all. His career throughout the last – almost – thirty years says it all. What makes him also distinctive among musicians and bands is his uncompromising soul, his will to drive things his way. People either love or hate this. Music fans agree or would like things to be different. However, “By the Corner of Tomorrow” is another brilliant example of his unique mark in the music we all love and follow. From the intro of “The Fading Spot”, we immediately get the feeling of what is about to come upon us. The sharp and catchy guitar riffing of Kryddan (Spice in Swedish) instantly puts the style and overall feeling on the ‘80s metal universe. The overall feeling of the album is such, however, that it does not at all lose other interesting elements, like all Spice records have demonstrated so far. And this is one distinctive characteristic of him: to deliver diverse, colorful albums but through his unique and personal filters, those filters that have been adored by his fans. “Call Out Your Name” continues on the same metal path and you feel like you live in the early 80s. Brilliant lyrics, fitting so well on the overall music, lyrics which speak directly to the listener. The instrumental “Tehom” is cunning, edgy, and leaves a lot for interpretation to the listener. “The Sharp Edge”, “By the Corner of Tomorrow” and “Midnight Blood” are the perfect examples of a diverse and multi-influenced artist. For example, I love the Maiden leads and guitar riffs on “Midnight Blood”, where there is also this odd smile with the repeated bass line adding more kind of drama to the song itself, making it a bit theatrical. “Reglutina” is a slow paced, doomy and dark song where there is a middle section when melody shows up and the songs changes the tone and mood, before turning heavy and ‘gloomy’ again with beautiful leads and solos. Just brilliant! “Cold Flames” appears to be more uplifting and up-tempo than the previous, very groovy and with a catchy rhythm section, where Alexander ‘Saso’ Sekulowski and Bob Ruben work really great with each other making a solid strong rhythm duo. Last but not least, “Rewinding the Wind” is probably the song with the most personal touch in the record, dealing with solitude and personal state of mind. This one has a beautiful flow, a calm melodic tone, but with very strong and direct lyrics, touching personal matters. A beautiful way to end a remarkable album, which, according to my humble opinion, is one of the best Spice has ever written. Leaving the title of the album at the end, and having processed all the songs, the lyrics and the feelings created there, I must say that this is a very clever and inspirational title, considering the difficult times that humanity passes through for over a year. The record tries to look at what might come next, while dealing with everyday personal matters, making this album very special, esoteric and mystical.

“By the corner of tomorrow

We hide below the sun

By the corner of tomorrow

We pay and sing along..”

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos


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