by MythofRock

Kadavar, this restless power trio, who does not sit for a moment, recording and touring unceasingly, released their new album “Rough Times”. Like just said, not only they do not go through “rough times”, but they present something so fresh and new, at the same time creating music, inspired by the honoured 70s, with a characteristic, heroic and imposing sound! And here is, in my humble view, a part of their personality as a band: not only they are not resting on the laurels of their amazing CD “Berlin”, but they continue from where they just ended. One success brings the other and the domino effect is the natural consequence for three hard-fought Germans who sprang from the underground like so many, but stood out immediately and go for more! The psychedelia is present once again and blends harmoniously with the thick /rough and doomy sound (“Into the Wormhole”). Headbanging is still there, in a doomy and dark, but not so pessimistic tone. Kadaver tightly bound, well-tuned, call them whatever you like, leave no doubt about what they want to do, what they are here for and which is their destination, generally and specifically. There are clearly even more different influences, such as in the song “Die Baby Die”, in a faster and ‘allegro’ tempo. Something that fits and ties with the whole concept and style of the album. The guitar has a fuzzy sound and we enjoy this change in the sound. One of the most interesting tracks on the album, “Vampires”, has an exciting, entertaining groove, the speed slows down, but the uplifting vocals lead you back to new soundtracks. Discover something new in the song itself, continuing your headbanging with this great heavy rock piece. Psychedelic influences reach their peak at the song “Tribulation Nation”, where the “trance meets psychedelia” introduction leads us to acid/space rock parts, with a fuzzy guitar, and the listener is subjected to a delightful musical mystery. Catchy riffs continue in the song “Words of Evil”, where the power trio is in an artistic orgasm, giving all they have inside! Rhythms fall into the next song, “The Lost Child,” with remarkable keys that resemble other seasons (the late 60s/early 70s) and you get the impression that you are lost in a foggy landscape, with a breathtaking atmosphere that reminds us of  The Doors (of course) and the exceptional vocal interpretation of Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann, who performs perfectly throughout the album. The perfect epilogue on a disc very enjoyable and mystic. “Rough Times” closes with a unique, spooky and so psychedelic piece, in French, being the perfect outro on yet another unique album for the Germans. “Times may be rough,” but time is going to be in favour of the listener who wishes to explore new musical paths and perhaps his own self.

♦ 8/10

Antonis Mantzavinos

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