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Judas Priest makes a triumphant return after a six-year period with their latest, 19th album, “Invincible Shield”, proving their enduring prowess in the metal world. This new offering picks up where their previous work, “Firepower”, left off, reminiscent of the legendary “Painkiller” era. With ferocious intensity, the band delivers a relentless onslaught of powerful heavy metal, reaffirming their status as metal deities. The album boasts superb production, thanks to the expertise of Andy Sneap, resulting in a crisp, impactful sound that resonates with clarity and force. Each of the fourteen tracks showcases inspired songwriting, brimming with memorable melodies, colossal riffs and virtuosic guitar solos. The rhythm section drives the music forward with relentless energy, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. While every track on “Invincible Shield” is a standout in its own right, certain favorites emerge, such as “The Serpent and the King”, “Invincible Shield”, “Devil In Disguise” and “Crown of Horns” among others. Though some tracks may resonate less strongly, such as “Gates of Hell” and “Sons of Thunder”, the album as a whole is devoid of filler, offering a consistent barrage of earworms. Frontman Rob Halford delivers a stellar vocal performance, showcasing his signature range and power, while guitarist Richie Faulkner shines with his virtuosity and passion. Together, the band operates at full throttle, igniting a metal inferno that captivates listeners and transports them to the heavy metal heavens. “Invincible Shield” stands as the result of Judas Priest’s enduring legacy, offering both longtime fans and newcomers a thrilling ride through the realms of heavy metal. While it may not surpass the band’s greatest works, it undeniably fuels the eternal flame of metal, ensuring its longevity for generations to come. Hell yeah!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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