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Steve Harley, the iconic frontman of glam rock band Cockney Rebel, died this Sunday (17 March, 2024), aged 73. He was the singer and songwriter of the band, famous for classic songs like “Hideaway”, “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” and “Sebastian”.

Harley had been receiving treatment for cancer. He died at his Suffolk home on Sunday morning. His family said in statement: “We are devastated to announce that our wonderful husband and father has passed away peacefully at home, with his family by his side. The birdsong from his woodland that he loved so much was singing for him. His home has been filled with the sounds and laughter of his four grandchildren. Whoever you know him as, his heart exuded only core elements. Passion, kindness, generosity. And much more, in abundance”. Harley’s family said they knew the singer would be “desperately missed by people all over the world”.

In October of last year, Harley made the announcement that the Steve Harley Acoustic Band shows slated for January 2024 would be canceled due to his undergoing treatment for cancer.

At Christmas he posted a message on his website saying: “2023 has not exactly been an annus horribilis for me, as the first half was often magical, with some great nights on stage with Barry, Oli and David. And the full rock band in Holland and Belgium, and Denmark … out there, on the road, that’s where I come alive. The second half, well … cancelling live dates is heartbreaking. I’m aware of the stress and financial strain it can place on you. But I’m fighting a nasty cancer. My oncologist is pleased with the treatment’s effects so far. It’s tiresome, and tiring. But the fight is on. And thankfully the cursed intruder is not affecting the voice. I sing and play most evenings”.

In February 2024, Harley’s team conveyed that the singer would be unable to commit to any concerts throughout 2024, but expressed optimism that he would be in better health in the following year.

Rest in Peace, Steve …

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