by MythofRock

European power metal seems to be in a downfall, but if you examine things closely, you can see that there is a new wave of euro power metal with bands like Sabaton, Battle Beast, Beast in Black, Orden Ogan, and other heroes. To this list we must add a new sensation, the group of Kai Hansen’s son, Tim Hansen, Induction! Attention, my friends, you have to note down this name, since, judging by their new album, we are talking about a great newcomer, a great hope for contemporary metal music! Because Induction’s sophomore album is a fantastic album, which shows the songwriting and performance skills of the band. The guys from Induction play at an excellent technical level, the band has rehearsed a lot, there is a tight bond between the members and last but not least, they know how to compose fantastic music and write impressive lyrics. The whole album is a blast, with strong melodies and furious riffs, which show the band’s talent, vision and … hard work! A long time has passed, since the last time I was super excited by a young band. Induction needs only some minutes of music, a couple of songs, to win the listener – the songs of this second Induction album are monumental, pure anthemic power metal music for the old and the new generations. I am trying so hard to make you understand the quality, the passion, the feeling of this band – only if you listen to the songs, you will understand what I am talking about! The voice sounds like the voice of an angel, the guitar work reminds me of the big bands of the past, the phenomenal rhythm section cannot be beaten and the melodies are colossal! Tim Hansen rises as a guitar hero, who is part of a winning team, and “Born from Fire” shines as a rough diamond, full of power metal hymns, who will haunt your heart and mind. “Go to Hell” makes you wanna sing along, “Queen of the Light” is catchy as hell, “Scorched” strikes as a thunder, “Eternal Silence” will bring you tears. I am super excited with this album. Induction should be so satisfied and proud of this album, so should Kai Hansen!

♦ 9/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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