by MythofRock

A Shoreline Dream is a pretty well-distinguished indie rock band, which has just released its new album “Loveblind”. It is the band’s sixth studio album and after many listening sessions, I have to say that I am super-excited to have experienced this record. A Shoreline Dream carries its interesting indie rock style some steps forward, since the band insists on mixing the typical indie rock sound with post-punk, psychedelic rock, even space rock. The Americans have forged their own sound, and they build on that effectively. Their main characteristic is distortion, the fuzzy guitars and the electrified, energetic rhythm section, where bass, drums and keyboards collide harmonically. Without being an indie rock fan, I dig “Loveblind”, an album which has many beautiful things to say and offer. Take as example songs like “Alarms Stop Ringing”, “Nothing More Than This”, “Hazewash” and “The Grind”, you will surely understand that A Shoreline Dream isn’t just another indie band, but an artistic unit, which composes elegant, dreamy, adventurous music, ideal for those who want to listen to music and “lose” their mind! “Loveblind” is an emotional, evocative indie rock soundtrack for the movie of our lives. I push play and we discover a lake of tears, we dive in the deep ocean of melancholy and forger to return. Everybody has to witness the elegant mourning of A Shoreline Dream. But don’t you forget – after the storm, everything calms. This cathartic album shall be your next musical choice. Let A Shoreline Dream do the “dirty” job!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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