by MythofRock

Immortalizer is the one-man project of Dave D.R., a Canadian multi-instrumentalist recording artist and performer. And I would honestly say that Immortalizer’s debut album, “Born For Metal”, came as a great surprise to everybody, who likes classic, traditional heavy metal. Because “Born For Metal”, produced by the one and only Ralf Scheepers, is a marvelous selection of irresistible heavy metal tunes, a classic metal album for those who were … born for metal! The songs are full of chunky riffs and melodic refrains, Immortalizer performs like there is no tomorrow, so passionately and soulfully. This debut album really blew me away, with memorable, thunderous songs like “Cut Loose”, “We Were Born For Metal”, “Lemmy”, “Can’t Let Go”, “Gone To Hell”, “The Fallen” etc. Immortalizer pays his tribute to the legends of hard rock and heavy metal music, who have inspired him and made him what he is today. Of course, he doesn’t copy, but has developed his own, personal style, which is vintage and guitar-oriented; I liked the guitar work of the album very much – Immortalizer knows well, when to shred and when to have a low profile as a guitar player! The vocals are wonderful, too – generally and without a doubt, this album is a small metal masterpiece, a gem of true metal. Get ready for something big, something bombastic, something that will make you wanna head bang like a maniac – Immortalizer is here to stay and this tribute to the heavy metal gods is the best proof! We were born for metal! Hell yeah!

♦ 8,5

Dimitris Zacharopoulos 





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