by MythofRock

In the vast expanse of the contemporary music universe, there are albums that don’t just echo in your ears; they reverberate in your soul. One such celestial piece of music art is the new album by I Am a Rocketship. “La Cruella” has graced my auditory senses, transcending the boundaries of genre and sound. The latest offering from the US/Swedish duo is a musical odyssey that encapsulates the essence of ethereal beauty and true emotion. In dreamy, atmospheric and dark songs, the listener is swept away on a tide of lush soundscapes and mind-blowing melodies. The juxtaposition of velvety guitar riffs and some hauntingly beautiful vocals creates a sonic tapestry that is both attractive and enchanting. Each track is meticulously crafted, with layers of instruments seamlessly interwoven to create a shadowy opus. I Am a Rocketship aren’t afraid to incorporate a lot of other music elements in their indie rock work – here you will find also heavy rock crescendos, trip hop experimentations, gothic rock touches. So, the final result will leave you breathless, wanting to listen to the whole album again and again. Of course, “La Cruella” features poetic lyrics, which is an invitation to the listener to introspect and express all the emotions. And the sound production is unmistakable, capturing every note, every whisper, every sigh. All songs shine bright, although they are infused in darkness. Because at the end of each listening session comes redemption … per aspera ad Astra! This album will leave you an indelible impression!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos




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