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by MythofRock

It took some years for the Swedes to release their new album “6”, their sixth in a row, following the previous and well respected “Peace” in 2018. But it was so well worth it. “6” is another masterpiece of Hisingen’s finest, an ode to melancholy, 70s and to this wonderful atmosphere, which you can find on their whole discography.

The album starts with a Swedish titled track ‘Godnatt’ (Good night in English), a sweet and mellow track with English lyrics, which could easily be the outro of this album. Joakim Nilsson at one of his best performances (not only on this track, but on the entirety of the record too). A magnificent song, travelling you and pleasing the listener with the slow paced and soft melancholic tone. It is no surprise that the sentiment of being and feeling ‘introvert’ is the dominating and glowing one on “6”. ‘Twice’ gives a different tone, more up-tempo paced and groovy, another typical element of Graveyard, a song which reminds us how much they love Grand Funk Railroad. ‘I follow you’ brings on a scent of Pink Floyd with beautiful lead and rhythm guitars, a fantastic rhythm section and of course (I will repeat that!) Joakim Nilsson just being incredible. The album has a noteworthy compact and solid songwriting where there are absolutely no dull moments or filler songs, exactly like their previous albums, so being consistent with themselves is part of their success.
‘Breath In Breath Out’ which also has female backing vocals in the resembling style of gospel, is emotionally fragile, dark on its own unique way, and it magnifies the introvert character of the album. Some of the most beautiful guitar leads and solos of this album can be found on this track, simply a brilliant song! This is music craftmanship at its absolute best.
The same motive is found also on ‘Sad Song’, which can easily prove its title and continues the theme of sweet melancholy so well and in a very intimate way. ‘Just a Drop’ increases the tension and the speed a bit, a hard rock/blues moment of the album with an incredible groove, rolling so fine in between the soft paced majority.

‘No Way Out’ is another highlight of the album, another melancholic, bluesy and ‘esoteric’ pearl of the band, which confirms their mastery on this kind of tunes, something of course they have mastered well before. The epilogue is done with a defiant manner, ‘Rampant Fields’ is the perfect outro, a positive signal, a gesture of gratitude and confidence. A psychedelic and colorful ending to a fantastic album, in any possible way and from any possible angle.

‘6’ is one of the best Graveyard albums, a gloomy but glowing diamond, which reminds us how good this band is and what they are capable of. It reflects the latter period of the group and provides an introvert and inward point of view to the listener, all crafted with an emotional and brilliantly melancholic manner, typical of their DNA and catalogue.

♦ 9/10

Antonis Mantzavinos





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