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On the 29th of April, 2023, Gentihaa will enter the stage of Temple Athens, for a stunning live show, together with W.E.B. and Drama Noir. Having released a fantastic debut album, titled “Reverse Entropy”, and having played some important live shows, Gentihaa stands as a really promising band, ready to surprise us again with its work. Myth of Rock, warming up for the aforementioned concert, talked with Manos J. Kouris (guitar) of Gentihaa!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Hello! Where, when, by whom and under which circumstances was Gentihaa founded?

Greetings! I am Manos J. Kouris, the new axeman of the band and I am very happy to answer your questions! The idea was born by Valgran and it took true form around 2019 by establishing the band members and releasing the debut album “Reverse Entropy”.


How do you see that album now? Are you satisfied with the response of the critics and the fans?

It was a kind of a shock, when we received the review from Burn (Japan). A debut album it’s like a baby’s first steps, we’re not expected to be notified like this. As for the fans, when we performed our first show supporting Dimmu Borgir, they were singing along every song (despite the fact that the album was released a week ago) and we realized that our main goal has been succeeded!


“Reverse Entropy” was produced by Bob Katsionis and mixed by Fotis Benardo. How was it working with these two renowned Greek musicians/producers?

We can spend hours by listing every achievement of these worldwide known artists

But I’d like to specify the mentoring and their effort to this album. We owe them our success!


 “Reverse Entropy” was released by Symmetric Records. How did this deal come up?

We received many label offers from around Europe and America, but we decided that in these critical first steps of our journey we had to pick someone with exact same goals. Symmetric Records was the right ally for the upcoming fights that our band had to face and we are so happy that we made the right decision!


Have you started working on a new, sophomore album? If yes, can you give us all the info about it (music style of the new songs, album title, song titles, recording studio, producer, mixing/mastering etc.)?

Yes! We are facing the final stages of our recordings and the early results are astonishing! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal you any details yet, but as one of the new members I think the band has some new colors in the pallet. Which is very important for creating new material!


How would you describe Gentihaa’ s music style? In my opinion, your extreme metal sound is very versatile, with many traditional metal, progressive metal etc. elements. Do you agree with me?


I think progressive death metal is the right one! I am not a fan of genre titles, every band has a unique style and ID. The key of Gentihaa’s success is the Idea of supporting this way of thinking by keeping this identity pure!


What music do you listen to, nowadays?

Personally I am traveling through deathcore bands these days, especially Lorna Shore, “Pain Remains” is a album that conquered my attention too easily and effortlessly. Such a great work!


Who is the main composer/lyricist in Gentihaa?

Identity, personality, difference between the members is the point of giving to every member the space and the will, to come up with ideas and melodies. There is not only one wishing well!


Which are your favorite lyric themes?

Fantasy! Endless possibilities, dimensions and philosophies!


How do you make decisions in Gentihaa?

Everyone has a different part of responsibility in the band but when comes a decision phase we vote… Can’t think any other option!


How would you describe the atmosphere and the feeling of your music?

I would like to use a Greek word and say “απρόσμενο”, it’s the unexpected!

You never know how it’s going to go and there is not only one form (I love that!).


On the 29th of April 2023, you play live in Athens with W.E.B. and Drama Noir. How do you feel now, a few days before this concert?

Can’t wait to hit the stage with these bands, the show it’s going to be Epic! We perform for the fist time like this union and that’s why I think it’s so big.


What should the fans expect from this live show?

Just a Vulgar Display of Power


How important are live shows for Gentihaa? How do you sound live in concert?

Concerts are the main communication time with our fans, we are headbanging, we are singing and we share our passion of metal united. Nothing can replace that…


The Greek extreme metal scene is very productive and successful nowadays. How do you experience this phenomenon? Why do you think this happens?

For me it’s a logical phenomenon, our world is surrounded by violence, injustice and pain. Art is our way of protesting – expressing our messages to everyone, bonding our thoughts and facing together any circumstances!


How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you?

Like everyone else! It’s like we flipped a board of chess and we started again… Best thing we can do is to focus on the future and leave this nightmare behind, we spend lot of energy back then!


What do you think about Russia’s war against Ukraine?

It’s devastating to face these phenomena in our century! I thought we left them behind us in history books but some governments proved us wrong once again! It’s memorable to say that, how can we vanish warlike people who can sacrifice so many lives, when our own government can do the same by overpassing basic train safety! The national tragedy that took place in Tempi, hits the history books by proving that humanity is capable of anything!


Send your message to the fans, please!

Thank you everyone for your time! Special thanks to Dimitris Zacharopoulos of Myth of Rock Greece. Can’t wait to see you out there on the 29th of April 2023 in Temple, Athens with Web and Drama Noir. Stay Strong, Stay Happy and Stay Metal! Cheers!!!





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