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Standing with one foot on grunge and the other foot on prog rock/metal, Euthymia is ready to enchant the music world with its delicious blend of music styles. “Alternative prog” sounds interesting and believe me, Euthymia’s alt prog is incredible! Myth of Rock, having detected some real music gold in the band’s first EPs, came in contact with Euthymia, who gave their fine answers and helped us explore their chapter in the book of contemporary Italian rock/metal.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

How was Euthymia formed? Give us a bio of the band.

The band is composed by Vito Tambasco (singer), Edoardo Di Vietri (guitar), Matteo De Marco (guitar, backing vocals and synthesizers), Michael Veneri (guitar), Valentin Bernard (bass) and Pierfrancesco Vairo (drums). It all started on the Rock Castle stage in the Czech Republic, where we played under the name of Men In The box, our old project. We had been maturing a different kind of music for a while and that’s when we decided to change the style of music and name.

Which are the official releases of Euthymia until now?

We currently have two Eps, the first one contains two singles that will be featured on the CD to be released by the end of the year and the second one contains recordings of our first historic rehearsals.

Why did you name the band ”Euthymia”?

Our name Euthymia (from the Greek word Ευθυμία composed of eu- = good and thymos = soul) derives from the Greek concept of state of mind of serenity or neutrality which does not consist in a detachment or in a denial of passions, but in a sort of quiet satisfaction, of inner contentment.

How would you describe your music style? Is it a mixture of alternative rock and progressive rock?

Our music is a blend between grunge and alternative on one side, and a more prog/metal sound on the other. Σpecifically, our sound comes from bands like Tool, Nirvana, and Porcupine Tree.

Who is/are the main composer(s) in Euthymia? How is a typical Euthymia song composed?

Typically, our songs are born from the sound compositions of our guitarist Edoardo Di Vietri, while the lyrics are written by our singer, Vito Tambasco. Each of our songs comes from hours spent in the rehearsal room playing and experiencing the musical flow of the moment, and then rearranging it systematically.

Where do your lyrics refer to? Are you inspired by ancient Greek philosophy?

Our lyrics and music derive from intrinsic research of the human psyche and self-awareness. Each song is consequently a sort of inner monologue with still unknown parts of Us; obviously it is inspired by the ancient Greek theater.

I know that you have been preparing your next official release. Have you finished it? How does it sound? Can you give us any titles and/or other info (recordings, producer, mixing, mastering, release date, title, etc.)?

Currently, we are working hard on our album, but soon our next single will be available too, titled: the doomer. It will be mixed and mastered by our trusty HexagonLab recording studio.

Do you like playing live? How does Euthymia sound live in concert? Do you plan any live dates?

We were born on a stage and therefore it is the only place where we feel comfortable: playing live for us is the only way to make our listeners empathize using our music as a bridge to our universe. We are currently preparing for some dates in Germany, France and Italy.

 Italy has a successful rock/metal scene. Which other Italian artists/bands do you admire and why?

The Italian scene is very varied, but often tending towards the underground as far as rock and metal bands are concerned. If I had to name one that we are very fond of, it would be Plato’s Cave as we find their prog rock to be very similar to ours.

If Euthymia was a colour, which one would it be and why?

If we were to attribute a color to ourselves, it would be purple, corresponding to the seventh chakra. The one that sits above the head and is known to be the color of the spirit. “It is the color of the will to be different, of metamorphosis, transition and balance.

Which is your favorite motto?

… Spenda!

Which are your future plans?

The main plan remains to concentrate on the production and release of the album for a few months, dedicating to some carefully selected concerts so as not to limit the writing of the last songs. obviously, we are already projecting ourselves to the future: next year will be the year of the first official Tour.

Send your message to the fans!

Thanks again to all of you, guys! We hope to hear from you in a few years with new stories to tell. We remind everyone to follow us on our social networks and if you want to support us with ratings, likes and shares.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Euthymia.band

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/euthymia_music/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3XimoU_d8XYmd_evyvAAA

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/euthymia_band

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/14wqeKHtV4jqmZ2H9esJDQ

Official Site: https://www.euthymiaband.com


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