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by MythofRock


(EchO), founded in 2007, is hailing from Brescia, Italy and melodic doom metal is its style. “Witnesses” is the band’s new album, fourth in a row, and I am sure it will be a reason for every one of us to discover and enjoy all its discography! You see, “Witnesses” is an excellent record of doom metal that has also fine melodies, a lot of death metal elements, some psychedelic touches and post-metal traces. Listen to “Witnesses” and you will love the fiery riffs, the clever mixture of clean and brutal vocals, the grim atmosphere and a rich treasure of grief and sorrow. (EchO) is expressing all its feelings and we learn its inner world through the dark and gloomy music. Like the performing musicians, we sense our inner self and in the end, comes catharsis. Listening to “Witnesses” is a healing process, a fantastic experience, which makes the listener a better person. Turn off the lights, sit back and listen to an emotional, elegiac act of music, by a band, which has things to offer. Songs like “Laudanum”, “My Covenant” and “Saturated” are serious, elegant compositions by some charismatic, talented musicians. I am not that much into “sad” doom/death metal, but I surely can understand the value of this album – “Witnesses” opens the door to a new world, where we can wander and live forever. Please check this band, since their albums are really remarkable as doom/death metal units. Welcome (EchO) and witness an authentic opus of downward, but cathartic doom metal.

♦ 7,5

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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