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Overhate has released a new single, the song “The Penance And The Lesson”, from the album “New Beginnings Are Met”.

Press Release

The metal scene worldwide certainly keeps spinning its wheels for a long time now. However, Venezuela’s Overhate aims to keep on the struggle, with their newest album “New Beginnings are Met”. This album keeps pushing the boundaries about what metal (specifically thrash metal, the genre where the band labels themselves) can be. Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, the 4-man squad known as Overhate with Giancarlo Vettor on guitar and vocals, Oswaldo Contramaestre on guitars, Ronald Del Aguila on Drums and Samir Acosta on Bass look to take on where their last record “Relentless is our Strengh” left them. Being from Venezuela, the nowadays social and overall climate can assure you are angry enough to do an album like this one, but as Giancarlo Vettor tends to say “it’s just a way to channel everything”, and so from the opening track “Realities Collide”, to the closing political aware one, “Beneath the Curse” you will certainly find songs that just derive from a hostile and unjust environment, in which the exercise of dealing with the frustration that the everyday situations produce have issued a space for inspirations for the band to create some of the most amazing songs that summarize a record for metal fans to feast upon. The melodic feeling and the progressiveness from songs like God I’ve Found and Crossroads Song, the speed and ferocity of Modern Grial and The Penance and the Lesson, the groove of Elegant Lust, and Hidden Behind Words, the hooks of our problem and Never ending War prove the band certainly did push their efforts on this one, delivering an album that will please every listener and long time follower of the band. As the title certainly implies a new beginning, the band is reborn to take over the metal world stronger than before.

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