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In a matter of days, on the 29th of April, 2023, Drama Noir, the Greek blackend death metallers, are going to hit the stage of Temple Athens, together with W.E.B. and Gentihaa. Myth of Rock, trying to get prepared for this promising live show, came in contact with Drama Noir and had a nice discussion with them about many interesting topics, including their upcoming full-length studio album. 

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Where, when, by whom and under which circumstances was Drama Noir founded?

Drama Noir were formed by Paul Papathanasiou (Mephisto) in Korinth, Greece, in 2017.


Your latest full-length album was “A Necromancy Lore”. How do you see that album now? What would you change to it, if you had the opportunity?

This album was very well received by fans and press, it has exactly the feeling and atmosphere we had in mind. It was released by Drakkar Productions, which was out first proper contact and cooperation with a label. Unfortunately, due to the whole Covid-19 pandemic we were not able to present it live as we wanted so if we could, we would change the release date. The mixing and mastering of the album was handled by Savvas Betinis (Acid Death) and the final result was what we wanted for that specific moment in time.


Your latest release was a split EP with Morgenröthe (“Morna / Possenspiel”). Why did you decide to release a split EP? Can you give us all the info about this EP, please?

We were offered the opportunity by Morgenröthe to release a split EP together which we gladly accepted. When a band from abroad wants to do something like that with us, it means a lot, so of course we couldn’t say no!


As far as I know, you have started working on your new, third album. Can you give us all the info about it, please (music style of the new songs, album title, song titles, recording studio, producer, mixing/mastering etc.)?

The album is finished since 2022 to be honest. If we must put a label on our music, that would be symphonic blackened death metal and that is Mephisto’s choice. The album is titled “Nightfall Upon the Asylum”. It was mixed and mastered by Psychon (Septicflesh) and the production was done by Mephisto with Psychon of course. The artwork and layout was made by Jon Toussas (Graphic No Jutsu).


How would you define the musical style of Drama Noir? Describe your music with five adjectives, please.

Our music comes from within, according to what we feel at the time of composing the album. Describing the album is something we will let people do when they listen to it.


Who is the main composer/lyricist in Drama Noir? How is a typical Drama Noir song composed?

The main composer is Mephisto who wrote the music in all the albums. He also wrote the lyrics for the first album “Princess Airam” and for the split EP with Morgenrothe. The lyrics for the second album “A Necromancy Lore” were written by Nyctelios, our singer at the time. Regarding our new album, the music is composed by Mephisto, except the album’s title song which was composed by Vampyrpriest, our lead guitarist. All the orchestrations are also done by Mephisto and we must note that it was his first time doing it. All the lyrics are written by Apostolos Oroklos (Exilium Noctis).


Which are your favorite bands/artists? What does inspire to create music as Drama Noir?

Septicflesh, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth… We are inspired by darkness and seeking answers for things we cannot comprehend.


Where do your lyrics refer to?

Fantasy. Nothing to do with politics and/or religion.


How would you describe the atmosphere and the feeling of your music?

Talking about the new album and the band’s new musical direction, it is dark, grim and sinister. We want people to have the feeling of claustrophobia. Being trapped by eternal nightmares and not being able to escape.


As far as I know, you have signed a deal with Floga Records. How did this deal happen?

We were looking for a label, we sent our new music and they just said yes! Floga Records is a big label, respecting their musicians and they always had our respect.


On the 29th of April 2023, you play live in Athens with W.E.B. and Gentihaa. How do you feel now, a few days before this concert?

We are very excited to play alongside of two remarkable bands of the Greek (and not only) metal scene. It also marks our return to live shows after the pandemic, which is very important for us.


What should the fans expect from this live show?

It will be intense and dark, with songs from almost all our releases so far and we a lot of surprises.


How important are live shows for Drama Noir? How do you sound live in concert?

Playing live will be our priority from now on, so just wait and you will see how we are during a live show.


The Greek extreme metal scene is very productive and successful nowadays. How do you experience this phenomenon? Why do you think this happens?

The Greek extreme metal scene has nothing to be jealous from the scene abroad and in some occasions it has the lead regarding the sound with the bands that Greece has to show. That helps all of us to be discovered by listeners from all around the world.


How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you?

The pandemic has affected us in a negative way, since we released our second album “A Necromancy Lore” during the whole situation in 2020, but in time, it helped us evolve as artists and drew out our more dark elements which will be shown in our soon to be released new album.


Which are your future plans, apart from the new album?

As soon as our new album is released, we will focus on playing live in Greece and abroad and promote the album as much as we can. Many great things are yet to come!


Send your message to the fans, please!

At last the time has come for you to watch us on stage! We’ll see you all on April 29th at Temple Athens!










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