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If you are searching for a new album release with features all elements, all dimensions of rock music, you shall listen to the new album of Dmitry Wild, “Electric Souls”. If you want to hear the confessions of a true electric soul, make a stop and listen to Dmitry Wild’s new songs. So melodic, so rough, so rhythmic and catchy, “Electric Souls” is an album for rockers by a rocker. Dmitry Wild talked to Myth of Rock and what was discussed follows right below!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

You have just released a new album, “Electric Souls”. Which are your feelings?
Ooh, many … Was it good? Did I do the best I could? Could I have released more?
Do people like it? Which song do they like the best? I mean that’s a normal process. Usually after every release I want to hide under the carpet and not listen or record another song, but then it goes away. It’s a well-known factor, you feel empty. You released it, it’s done. All that work and now it’s empty season. To refill again to get inspiration to play again. It’s a weird place, but I have been there before. So, I wait for new inspiration to keep on working.

How would you describe this new album to someone who has never listened to your music?
If you are going to judge a book by the first song, then you didn’t try. My every song is a different story, each one has its own feel, beat, vibe, message, purpose, so click through few and you will find the one that hits you.

In your opinion, how much have you progressed in “Electric Souls” since “Coat Full of Stars”?
Wow, immense, when I released “Coat Full of Stars”, I was experimenting just doing it for the sake of recording, and then I had all those bands and I always felt I am not taking my solo stuff seriously, so I kept wishing one day I will release a full length of full on rock songs and release it myself and it happened. So, I grew and definitely I started taking myself seriously and it’s been great. It’s powerful to release music under your own name. I have a Greek/Russian name and a Wild next to it, I don’t know what people think, when they hear it.

In “Electric Souls” are you the one who composed the music and wrote the lyrics? What inspires you to compose and write music and lyrics?

Yeah, I did it all myself. I wrote songs, then lyrics then mixed with an engineer. I got few guest musicians to help me make it a reality. What inspires me? Strong situations. Feelings I must resolve and deal with. Sometimes extreme happiness and sometimes introspection of where I am at, what just happened, how can I make an imprint in my own mind and others. I try to really talk to people as a whole, on a different level. Try to help us move forward.

Which are the main motifs/the trademarks of your songs?
Main motifs are inspiration, with the energy I put into music, I try to be an optimist and an observer. So main motifs are love, self believe, humanity, inspiration, danger, liberation, punk rock attitude against the chains surrounding us, and yet I want to sing a love song while I wear a leather jacket or a black Victorian coat. I feel love is very important, self-love and to others and to life.


Introduce the musicians that have performed in “Electric Souls”, please.
“21st Century”:
Drums – Byron Frayne
Slide Guitar – Ruby La Rue (Dust Bowl Fairies)

“Liberation” :
features Tryst (trystofficial.com)
Garrett Smelcer – Keys

“Summer of 21”:
Stan Killian (stankillian.com/main/biography/)

“God, Ghost and a Ship”:
Accordion, Saw – Ryder Cooley(Dust Bowl Fairies)
Slide Guitar – Ruby La Rue (Dust Bowl Fairies)
Stand up Bass – Chops La Conte (Lustre Kings)

Sax – Marine Penvern

“Small Affliction”:
Keys – Peter Breed

All other songs:
Keys – Peter Breed
(Except “Don’t Need Anybody”, “Liberation”, “21st Century”, “Sweetest Thing”, “Small Affliction”)

All Drums – Matt Liptak
(All except “Small Affliction”, “21st Century”)

Why did you name the new album “Electric Souls”? Where do the lyrics refer to?

Well, I play electric guitar, and I feel that when I play it loud, and I am in a moment it charges me and that electricity is powerful and once I get charged I want to charge other souls. I think my mission is to make people aware of their souls, I try to put into lyrics a lot, since it’s what makes us divine, and yet people are too focused on the heady energy. For me it’s the most powerful that is truly ours. So, I use the word soul everywhere and therefore album name. Also it’s sort of a bit of inspiration from T-Rex’s “Electric Warrior” as well.

Name your favorite musicians and groups, please.
Naturally the Doors, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, White Lies, The Horrors, Kino, Jesus and Mary Chain, Morphine.

Apart from a singer and musician, you are a poet, a painter and an actor. Is it easy or difficult to combine all these artistic activities? If you had to choose only one activity, what would you choose and why?
Yeah, it’s a lot, I know I try to limit myself, I had a painting phase when my dad was leaving this world, I produced 7 pieces but then with kids and all it’s tough to find too much time to paint. I am saving painting for when I will have a big barn when I can just paint it and leave it there, it’s a very messy business lol. I love acting as well, but I can’t take it seriously enough due to the fact it’s not a steady income and very time consuming unless a great opportunity comes up, I am always open. I decided to focus on music and writing. Poetry is also at my fingertips. I can just open a doc and start writing then come back to it. It’s always been with me. Next to me so that’s part of me.

In your opinion, where does all this inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from being alive. To me that’s the most powerful feeling. Feeling truly alive. You walk outside and it’s between you and the world every day and what can you accomplish.

As an artist, which are your ambitions?
My ambition is to be the best live/recording artist, with the most entertaining live shows that move people. Also, I want music to provide income for me to be able to maintain myself and my family but that’s a long shot, ha ha, the financials of the music industry are a laughingstock nowadays. From touring to how much you make on your recorded music I don’t play Hip Hop or elevator music… It’s really sad, but I remain being optimistic I will find a way, I am loud with a lot to say, so my ambition is to be heard and to move audiences with my songs, guitar and a mic!!!

Do you play live? How much important are concerts for you? Your tour plans?
I do play live. It’s not an easy fit. I love playing live and being on stage. It’s the one place where I truly let go and live, but the logistics of running shows are sad sometimes, sometimes you don’t get paid and you gotta pay musicians. Or you play a festival at a wrong time at a wrong stage, or sometimes sound sucks. It’s so many variables that must work together for you to get satisfaction from playing shows. So, I do it for the people. Also, I want to tour Europe extensively. I love Europe and Mediterranean. I am a history freak. I want to visit all those temples and castles.  

Which is your motto?
Motto? Ha! Never thought of it. Just do it!  Today! Whatever you want to do. Just do it right now. Once you start you will figure out the rest! There is always a solution.

Send a message to the listeners of your songs!
Believe in yourself. Listen to music loud and laugh out loud. We got this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Find your purpose and live through it. Thank you Dimitris … When I was living Astoria, New York, guess what my landlord’s name was: Dimitris. LOL! All Dimitris Unite J


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