by MythofRock

A new band was born and how glad we are for that! This international cinematic symphonic metal band has a new approach to the genre itself. The band members come from Denmark, Germany, the United States and Canada and this is their self-titled debut. It has some killer guests that will be mentioned later. Curious? You should be, because this one has what it takes to be a reference on every level. But let’s begin: The album has an intro that whispers magic, desert and cinema. I give you “With Only The Sun As My Witness”! It builds with tension and expectations to the listener’s ears.  Let’s move to another track: “Projection Of My Mind”! Fire keyboards, played by Jonah Weingarten, give life to this one with an orchestra flame, that drives the listener’s attention. It all comes back together with the guitar riffs played by Christopher Zoupa and Kaelen Sarakinis. Gerit Lamm gallops very well on the drums. It can go with a single pedal, to a double. But what is amazing, are the vocals! Zoë Marie Federoff is truly a goddess! She has a high vocal range, she can sing from opera to death metal! The album continues with a serenity that only “Condemn Me To Chaos” can provide. This one has powerful riffs, uplifting keyboards and progressive elements, which makes it very melodic and provides a catchy chorus. Did you know the guest’s name? Thorsten “Tosso” Bauer (ex-Atrocity, ex-Leaves’ Eyes) provides the guitar lines in “Mother Dearest”. This song can be a tribute to the queen of death metal, Angela Gossow. It has clean vocals, and a symphonic vibe. Love the orchestral atmosphere, that breaks all apart. Love the guitar work of Harri Hytönen (Hammerhed, Kalmah), who is also a guest on this track. The most symphonic and melodic tune is here – “Twice Upon A Time”. So feminine! “Cognitive Dissonance” features guest vocalist Jake E (CyHra, Dreamland, ex-Amaranthe), who provides an extra spice to this tune and blends amazingly his vocal harmony with Zoë’s. The opening, played by the keyboards, gives a phantom and enigmatic surrounding, and the cinematic sound, that the album requires! Micki Richter (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes) is the guest on the guitar lines. “Break Even” has the most energy of them all. It has power metal vibes and grim guitar riffs. We can hear the chorus as a background, but it is a crucial part of it … This has to be one of the most beautiful albums ever made so far! Every piece is well written, perormed and produced! Let’s move on. If you love ballads, then this one is for you! “Chasing The Ghost” has a folky and simple atmosphere, played by the flute. Bill Hudson (I Am Morbid, NorthTale) is an accomplished musician, as everyone knows. Listen to the guitar solo that he provided and you’ll understand why! “Nowhere Near Dead Yet” is a mid tempo power metal tune, that combines symphonic vocals with death metal growls. Zoë Marie Federoff is in the same level as Simone Simons, Tarja Turunen and more. “Without Anesthesia” is the most power metal song in the album and the keyboards have a huge role in it. “Not Even Once” is a mid tempo, mid pace tune. And finally, the last track: “One And Counting (Outro)”! It is the most cinematic of them all. What a better way to finish an album! From the writing process until the promo, everything was meticulously well done, including the guests and the producer (Alexander Krull). What a team, what a quality do we have here. Brilliant, just brilliant!

♦ 9/10

Raquel Miranda


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