by MythofRock

Nowadays it is very difficult for a power metal band to stand out in the worldwide scene. Bloodbound isn’t the power metal band, which distinguishes from the rest of the bands. ‘Tales From the North’ emerges as a somewhat uninspired addition to the genre. There are so many nuances of power metal, however, Bloodbound failed to keep our interest this time, releasing an album that has nothing to offer to the band’s catalogue and the genre’s potential. Yes, it is an album made for all the power metal fans, in the vein of Helloween, Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Avantasia, Sabaton etc., but you won’t find something new and original here. We don’t expect from Bloodbound to reinvent the genre, yet, we want something personal, with its own character… There are sparks of musical inspiration, but they are overshadowed by a lack of originality. I liked the loud and clear production, the guitar work, the strong range of the vocals and some melodies – apart from these, nothing engaged me. The songwriting feels generic, adhering closely to well-worn power metal tropes without injecting much innovation. The sound production lacks the richness that the classic and characteristic power metal album have. In summary, “Tales from the North” is a mediocre release in the power metal landscape. While it exhibits moments of technical and vocal prowess, it ultimately lacks innovation and character. For fans of power metal, this album might offer a few enjoyable moments, but it falls short of being a strong offering. After many sessions of listening to this album, I can definitely say that only a couple of its songs lingers in my mind. Unfortunately.

♦ 5,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos





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