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The time has come! New SCANNER full-length album after almost a decade! “The Cosmic Race” will be released on January 12, 2024 and as the band’s highly decorated discography dictates, this one is a concept album: Survival on earth has become more and more difficult, natural disasters are piling up and military conflicts have reached their highest level, large parts of the continents are nuclear contaminated. Life is concentrated in a few big cities, and the narrowness and heat in them has become almost unbearable. The SCANNER, (a hybrid of human and android, our leading figure who is resident on planet GALACTOS) picks up a chosen part of human beings from Earth with huge spaceships in order to transform them into a habitable planet, called Terrion, in another Galaxy. SCANNERs army, the Space Battalion guarantees for the safety of the precious cargo (the chosen ones which have to remain in hyper sleep for decades) on the long flight through various wormholes. The long journey ends successfully. But, even in the new world, people have to defend themselves against monsters, aliens and planetary invaders (troops from other civilized planets) and start all over again right from scratch. Most are again farmers or craftsmen. The new world is not just a mere accumulation of the products of sophisticated technologies, but a profane art of survival that begins with sowing seeds in the fields. But they also celebrate festivals and commemorate their ancestors and everyone who was once close to them and who they have left behind on earth. The new settlers defend everything newly gained with absolute passion and to their last drop of blood against their enemies. They want to take their second chance and do better than they did on Earth against all odds. However, since there are also some doubters and renegades among them who oppose the new community and endanger the “Second Chance” -project, the SCANNER has developed a system that can identify those renegades during their dream phases at night and kidnaps them before dawn. They find themselves paralyzed in a Twilight Zone. They are lashed finally to giant totem poles in a trance where dreams and reality fight each other until they are purified.

1. The Earth Song
2. Face the Fight
3. Warriors of the Light
4. Dance of the Dead
5. Scanner’s Law
6. A New Horizon
7. Farewell to the Sun
8. Space Battalion
9. The Last and First in Line

Efthimions Ioannidis – Vocals
Axel Julius – All Guitars
Jörn Bettenrup – Bass
Boris Frenkel – Drums

Official Site: https://www.scanner4u.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Scanner.Heavy.Metal.Band

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