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A serious person, a strong personality, a skilled musician. Maurizio Dottores, hailing from Liechtenstein, has grabbed our attention with Black Reuss, his one-man gothic/doom metal project. The latest releases of Black Reuss, “Journey” and the “Poems by R. W. Brunhart, Pt. 1” EP, were mind-blowing and persuaded Myth of Rock to contact Maurizio. What was discussed was so interesting!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Black Reuss is a one-man project. First of all, how did you decide to start this project? Give is the whole story of how everything begun!

After a long break, which I took in 2007, I started making music again in 2014 because I started missing it badly. I also started to build my own recording studio and experimented a lot. In 2017 I started writing and producing songs for Black Reuss. Until the first album Metamorphosis 2021 was released.

Why is Black Reuss a one-man project and not a full band? Is there a chance that you will have other members in the future?

No. It will remain a one-man project. But I can imagine playing live with a band and add musicians that help me out on stage.

Why did you name the project “Black Reuss”?

When the project became more concrete, I also had to have a name for it and I wanted to bring in the flow of life and the melancolic vein that I have. So I decided symbolically for the river Reuss, where I live, when all this came into being and for the color black as a symbol for melancholy. The whole thing paired was then Black Reuss…. very simple.

Do you ever feel lonely in Black Reuss, without any other bandmates?

No. Never. I mean, I am working with other people for the Drums, Mixes, Mastering and Vocals. So, I have a few friends I can share thoughts.

Give us a short description of your discography until now, please.

I have developed a concept over four albums. It’s about the flow of life. It consists of four chapters. Metamorphosis, journey, arrival and death. Each chapter has episodes that lead to the next chapter. Metamorphosis is about transformation. The change in which you build the power to make real and lasting change. Journey is about the journey you are on to make it all happen. Arrival is about arriving in the state that you have wished for, whereby here also comes the realization that everything will never run smoothly, but you have learned to deal with it. And death symbolizes the end of human existence and not the end of everything…

Your latest releases were “Journey” and the “Poems by R. W. Brunhart, Pt. 1” EP. How do you see these releases now?

The releases are part of the journey. All good for me. They have been necessary and lead to where I am now.

What are you up to now? Have you written any new songs for your next Black Reuss album? Can you give us any info on this new album?

Yes, I am finalizing “Arrival” these days. Will release it most probably in November.

You have signed a deal with Sliptrick Records. How did this happen?

They obviously saw potential and approached me. It didn’t work because you are not able to market music properly. At least not mine. In this respect, I have already ended the cooperation.

How would you describe the music of Black Reuss? Is it simply gothic/doom metal?

I would say yes and add some melodic and a small portion of alternative.

How is a Black Reuss song usually composed?

Since I have my own recording studio, which is entirely dedicated to Black Reuss, I can work on the songs and ideas in a great setup at any time. Actually, everything always starts with a guitar riff or a melody. I build on that until I have a song together and thus a kind of pre-production. For the lyrics, I collect ideas for myself and write them down throughout the year. I only do the final lyrics when I have finished the music. Until I have lyrics, I usually only have the melody or a hook for the vocals. Except for the drums and vocals, I record everything in my studio. When I have finished the demos, I record everything again, mostly I also change arrangements or something. Mixing and mastering is then again done externally.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Which are your music preferences? Which are your favorite bands and artists?

Yes. I listen to a lot of different music. From classical to jazz, from pop to metal. But mainly I listen to music with a lot of distorted guitars in it. I love it when it’s also a bit thoughtful or melancholic. I have a lot of artists that I like a lot. At the moment I listen a lot to Type O Negative, Katatonia, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Tool, Gojira, Alice in Chains, Radiohead, The Cure etc. etc. 

Where do your lyrics refer to?

To my life, and the flow it has…

How much important is atmosphere for you? Which feelings of yours do you try to express through Black Reuss?

I like to work in a quiet environment where I am by myself and…Yes of course. It is 100% authentic and I stand behind every word I wright and sing…

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect you?

I think we had much more freedom in Switzerland than in the surrounding countries. That was already very good. Suddenly, I had much more time for myself and for my family, which has paid off positively. And I was able to make a lot of music during that time. In this respect, it was a very productive time. I also had a lot of time to think. But I was also privileged because I did not have to worry about my existence. Other colleagues were more affected, and that was pretty hard to experience.

Have you ever performed live as Black Reuss? Is there a chance of Black Reuss live shows in the future?

No, not yet. But I am working on plans to play life. Of course, there also need to be a certain demand for live. If nobody wants to see it, then it doesn’t make sense.

How difficult is it to be a metal musician in Liechtenstein?

It’s easy. There are a lot of metal fans in this area. Of course, there is nearly no music scene, and no clubs to play. The country is too small. So, we need to orient towards bigger regions, where there is a bigger scene.

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… live your dreams and be persistent.

Official Website: www.blackreuss.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackreuss

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackreussmusic/

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UG6Rfa93ldqXiP3D6kVyA

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@blackreuss





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