by MythofRock

To be frank, I am not into alternative rock. It is a matter of sound and taste. Nevertheless, good music shouldn’t be labeled but felt. That means that if an album is nice, I will surely like it. Look for example the discography of Nirvana – great albums, great songs, only a deaf wouldn’t acknowledge their quality. But it is true that I haven’t heard a good alternative rock album for months. Then came 7he 7ouch. I was introduced to this Greek, London based band, when I listened to their digital single “Solution”. I was surprised and waited for their official release. Now I have their EP in my hands and am smiling with satisfaction. It consists of six songs (“Solution” is among them) and is really a punch in the face. 7he 7ouch are offering us top-class alternative hard rock, which will remind you of the best days of grunge! Yes, the Greeks are producing high-octane rock n’ roll with soul and passion, taking us back to the 90s. All songs are rousing, the production is ideal and “SeventySeven” is a successful effort from a band, which has something that is lacking from most other bands – inspiration! The melodic hooks will make you listen to the EP again and again, the riffs, the vocal melodies and the overall vibe will convince you that we have a very interesting group here. Apart from these, 7he 7ouch sound very tight, there is a live feeling in the recording and all the members know how to get the best from their instrument. With this EP a newcomer band showcases its talent and skills. I really caught myself shaking with the rhythm of “SeventySeven” – welcome and support 7he 7ouch, since we are expecting big things from them in the future. It is a pleasure to listen to this EP, indeed!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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