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Lucifer, Vojd – Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden – 07/10/2018

by MythofRock

Regardless of how many gigs someone attends and how often he is able to do it, you realize on the spot how much you have missed certain things. Sunday, October 7th has been one of those nights and for very simple reasons.

The weekend was an easy going and relaxing one, not may things happened before Sunday night, due to the tough schedule of the coming week, so that was another reason why this gig was really anticipated. We arrived on time for the first band, Debaser Strand was not so crowded, but as the time went by, more and more people started to gather up. Vojd, a recently formed band (with members from Black Trip, Enforcer among others), kicked off the night with their electrifying, Thin Lizzy-bred sound, playing like there was not another day left. These guys show some real guts on stage, playing with tons of energy, passion and leaving no doubt about their performance. Peter Stjärnvind (guitar) and Joseph Tholl (bass and lead vocals) impressed us more, and especially Peter, whom I have never before witnessed live, and, although I already knew pretty well his awesome drumming skills (while playing for Entombed, Krux, etc), he gave everything on that live and proved to be a kick-ass guitar player! The band delivered well-crafted melodies, edgy riffs, catchy choruses and all this under the influences of blues rock, heavy metal and that distinctive sound influence from the greats Thin Lizzy. I really look forward to catch them next time soon hopefully!

Following a 20 minute break, the mighty Lucifer took over the gig duties in such an emphatic way. Speaking about what I have missed so much, I have to admit, that even though that was the first time I witnessed Nicke Andersson behind his drum kit live, for me that was the night’s highlight. The way he played drums during the whole gig, with a frenzy, powerful and emphatic way, left me no room for misunderstandings and second thoughts. It was so much pleasant to see him kicking his drums, on every beat, on every kick… Absolutely massive! And of course, when we refer to Lucifer, the soul and main driver of this band can be no other than Johanna, especially on stage, ding her magic moves, seducing the audience and praising Demon. She is so charismatic, not only vocal-wise, but also the way she moves within the other band players during the songs, the way she speaks and communicates with the audience, during or before/after the songs, the way she overall performs. She is the main attraction of the band, the heart and soul. But, this band has two guitar and one bass players, devoted members of ‘Lucifer’ who play with passion and, consist along with Nicke on the drums, a solid and fully compact ensemble. An ensemble playing with raging fury at times, with fast riffing and drumming, but also delivering sweet, vintage or psychedelic melodies, perfectly fitted under Johanna’s vocals. The doomy parts were my favorite though, as these provide the perfect mingle of all influences of the band. Personally, watching them live, I felt like having memory spots from Cathedral, Witchcraft, Entombed and Blood Ceremony.

That was a fantastic gig and probably the best way to kick off their european tour, and what better place than Stockholm to host their first gig?

Till next time! Raise your beer/wine glasses and pray for Lucifer!

Antonis Mantzavinos

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