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As we stand on the precipice of the final days of 2023, Temple Athens prepares to host a special event, Xmas Feast, that promises to be etched into our mind. On the evening of December 29th, 2023, three super-talented bands—Come, Pink Vanity and Bad Habits—will take the stage in a monumental display of artistry, creating a harmonious tapestry that transcends time, space and … genres.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

The vivid, ever-evolving music scene of Athens, Greece, has to be proud for a newcomer band that stands as a wonderful fusion of raw power from the 70’s proto-punk era with the boundless creativity of contemporary musical mastery. Bad Habits, a rising force in the Greek music landscape, has been steadily carving its niche with an impressive array of singles, covers, and an eagerly anticipated debut album on the horizon. Bad Habits’ journey begins on the bustling streets of Athens, where the band found its roots and drew inspiration from a rich musical menu. Combining the grit and rebellion of 70s proto-punk with a keen understanding of the nuances of modern music, the quintet sets itself apart as a sonic force to be reckoned with. Each Bad Habits’ release is a carefully crafted piece, showcasing not only their technical skills but also their ability to channel the raw energy that defined the punk and rock n’ roll ethos of the past. As the anticipation builds, Bad Habits is gearing up for the release of their debut album, which promises to be a very interesting experience. Beyond the studio, Bad Habits is renowned for their electrifying live performances, during which the stage becomes a canvas where the band paints vivid sonic landscapes. The raw, unbridled energy of their live shows reinforces the genuine passion that fuels Bad Habits’ musical journey. As the release date for their debut album approaches, the anticipation is palpable. Bad Habits, with their modern, top-class material, is a band that tries to start a punk/rock n’ roll revolution. Keep your ears tuned and your senses heightened, for the sound of Bad Habits is the rock sound of the future!

In the spring of 2020, amidst the uncertainties and challenges the world faced, two brothers, Konstantinos and Alexandros Krommidas, gave birth to a musical endeavor that would soon capture the hearts of indie rock enthusiasts across Greece. This is the story of Pink Vanity, a band whose harmonious blend of artistry has not only marked them as promising newcomers, but has also left a profound impact on the domestic pop/rock scene. At the core of Pink Vanity’s narrative lies the unique bond between Konstantinos and Alexandros Krommidas, whose shared musical vision became the foundation upon which Pink Vanity would rise. Since their inception, Pink Vanity has been steadily building a sonic repertoire that reflects their commitment to artistic exploration – to the indie pop/rock base you must add glam and rock n’ roll influences. With four singles and an EP under their belt, the band has teased audiences with glimpses of their musical identity, leaving fans eager for the culmination of their efforts — the highly anticipated debut album. Pink Vanity’s journey extends beyond the studio, as they have graced various stages with their dynamic live performances. The energy they bring to their shows is infectious! A notable highlight in their live portfolio includes opening for Balthazar at the Fuzz Club, which shows the growing recognition within the Greek music scene. Stay tuned, and visit Temple Athens on the 29th of December to witness the extraordinary sound a truly unique band!

Come are going to open for Pink Vanity and Bad Habits, they have released only on single, “The Evil”, a dynamic alt rock song, so we will let them introduce themselves: “Come is an alternative rock duo that came to life following a pagan wedding in the mountains and a summer of van life adventures in Mykonos. They always wanted to be in a heavy rock band, but who has money to bring a drummer on tour? Isn’t this a lovely way to give a playful nod to electro rock?”!!!


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